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  1. Hi people! Wondering if someone could help me with the mutations of my birdies? I once knew but cant remember now.. Also while we are here, who would you pair and why? What colour babies could i end up with? Lets go with Sven (blue male) as number 1 and Minty (my little lady) can be number 2 i think she is opaline golden face but is her colour skyblue?? Shes like a greeny turqoise colour. Svens back (1) Mintys back (2) Teeko, male - opaline cobolt or violet??? Number 3 Pixel Number 4 - This is an OLD picture. havent got anything new of her. Recessive pied?.... I havent got any pics of her back but she has a couple of dark little feathers. only picture i have that shows Pixels back spots (4)
  2. Ahh this is so interesting!! My pair have a baby at the moment - I cant remember the names of the colour mutations of the parents but so far baby looks like itll be white. I know mum is recessive pied - mostly yellow with a grey/blue tummy patch Dad is that violet purpley blue colour witht he black spangled wings. What colour mutations are these two and what colours could the babies be once my little lady Minty is old enough? I think Sven (the blue boy) is a sky blue clear wing??
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