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  1. Maybe anyone who is members on the Facebook pages could share a link to the forum? Or perhaps the forum could have a corresponding Facebook page? There's so much information on this forum, would be a shame for it to be shut down...
  2. I was a member on the forum a few years ago and at the time it was very active, any posts usually had a reply within the hour. Unfortunately I had a few issues with my birds at the time and when a tree fell on my aviary one day I left the hobby. When I recently decided to come back to the hobby the first thing I did was come back to this forum however I was disappointed to see that the number of active members had dropped dramatically and now it can take weeks to have a reply to a topic if you get one at all... What happened??? Can we fix it? Maybe if the forum had a corresponding
  3. I purchased this bird recently at a sales day and although the breeder told me that he was a Goldenface after I mistakenly called him Yellowface I'm not sure if he is type 1 or 2 (I think he's type 2 but not sure) and also if he is a light blue with violet factor or a cobalt... On the night I thought he was a cobalt but in the light of day I'm thinking he may be a violet factor sky blue?
  4. I haven't had an overwhelming response from clubs I've contacted so far, just the one reply that informed me of the sale day. I'm sure they'll get around to it eventually :-P
  5. Nothing yet but I'm planning on going to a few sales days and auctions that are coming up soon...
  6. I'm looking for a breeder to help get me started in breeding show budgies, just want to start out with 3-4 pairs to begin with. Especially interested in Dominant Pieds, Spangles and Yellow Faces. I have contacted a few clubs as well and I am also waiting to hear back from them but thought I'd try here as well. I have bred pet type budgies when I was in high school and show budgies a few years ago but I was unlucky enough to have a tree get blown down onto my aviary before my first rung babies reached 12 months. After that I gave up on them for a while but thought I might give it anoth
  7. Has anyone been to Ace Colony Aviaries recently? I tried to go there on the weekend and it was shut however there was still a sign saying it was there and the opening hours listed indicated it should've been open. Another person pulled up while I was there and said they had been calling for 3 weeks with no reply. You can hear that there are a number of birds still on the property it just never seems to be open. Perhaps the owner is on holidays and has decided to close for a few weeks? I'd be interested to hear if anyone knows anything about whether they are still in business.
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