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  1. Hello all, We weren't sure which section to post this message in. We're hoping this community of passionate budgie lovers (as we are) might be able to help us in what is a really sad time for us. Until last week, we were a happy family unit complete with two beautiful, fun budgies, Billy and Titch. We've had Billy since 2006, when we rescued him from a not-so-great pet shop situation, and he rescued us by lifting our spirits when life had dealt some blows. We nurtured him closely so that he became a really happy, secure, loving, cheeky little life in our home. He has always flown free, going back to his cage just to sleep and for basic food and drink (treats, baths, play all happened all over the house!). After a couple of years, we felt Billy was long overdue more avian company - we were so close that whenever we left for the day, we'd feel guilty for leaving him lonely (and he let us know he was upset), and we didn't think it was fair he didn't have any other budgie family. So we brought Titch into our family in 2009. The two have been firm friends since. Being the newer bird, Titch always took his lead from Billy, following him everywhere and copying his every move. He was never as tame or inclined to soppiness as Billy was with us, but he is still very comfortable with human contact. Last Friday (9 days ago), we lost Billy. It was - is - absolutely heartbreaking. We believe he took himself away to die, and even now writing this my eyes are filling with tears and we're so devastated we couldn't say goodbye. We've searched and searched, but to no avail. In his seven years of life, Billy had only ever wanted to stay close by us. We never saw his life ending like this. We're slowly coming to terms with this loss, but feel an urgency about ensuring Titch's happiness. He has been visibly upset and disorientated by Billy's disappearance. He has never been on his own before, and he is keeping to himself in his cage and has gone very quiet after being frantic for a few days. We aren't in a position to get another budgie, as we have a toddler with medical issues and now an 8 week old newborn baby. We have discussed this in length and feel the best outcome for Titch would be for him to be rehomed with someone who adores budgies as much as we do, and will be able to offer him a home a little bit familiar to what he's used to. Titch is gorgeous and very adaptable. He is much more unflappable (!) than Billy was, and always seemed unphased by things that Billy would kick up a fuss about. He would be happy in the company of one or many budgies. Ideally he would live in similar conditions to now - able to fly free as a must (rather than permanently in a small cage) - but whether this is in an aviary or inside a home isn't as critical, because he's so adaptable. He has really receded in recent days and we think it's because he's lost his mentor, his older brother and only budgie mate. We didn't want to post too early, holding out hope Billy might by some miracle appear, but we have now accepted this won't be the case. Could anyone guide us as to how we might be able to find a suitable happy budgie loving home for Titch? We live in Newtown, Sydney (2042), and would happily deliver him to his new home if not too far... and could even potentially deliver him to Canberra in about 10 days' time (via my mum, who's driving down there). We would also be happy to give their big cage, remaining food and so on. What matters to us is that Titch's unhappiness and loneliness from losing Billy are turned around by having a full and happy rest of life in the company of other budgies in a loving home. Titch is 4.5 years old, a beautiful grey and soft yellow colour, and is in perfect - excellent - health. Any advice or leads would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all xx
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