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  1. Well Drago, I think that I shall agree with you on that one. Even the distributors of my Budgie/Canary feed were stuck for a conclusive answer. Thanks for your reply Mon Ami.
  2. I can't believe nobody has even replied to my question or even attempted to give an answer. Come on chaps! The suspense is killing me lol.
  3. It is strange that you can get completely different answers from pet food suppliers from, Vitamins & minerals to Value added media. Does anyone know for sure what VAM really stands for when looking at budgie and canary feeds. Cheers Cliffmas Am I buggin you, don't mean bug ya!
  4. Yes pretty big, just under 30 feet long with 1 third open to the elements.
  5. Good morning all. In my aviary I have two small finches, they have recently started sitting inside one of the budgie nest boxes. There are four healthy baby budgies in the box. The finches do not seem to be harming the baby budgies in any way and they are in fact due to leave the nest box any day now. There are 14 budgies nest boxes in the aviary (most with baby budgies) but the finches only ever sit in this one box. Has anyone seen this before as I have never noticed this in all the years that I have had an aviary. I would welcome your comments and suggestions on this seemingly strange behaviour. Yes there are plenty of finch boxes available in the aviary.
  6. Yes thanks, I did check out the web-site, but its under a re-build at the moment. I will keep looking and see when it is up and running again.
  7. I will do if I can work out how to get pics up on this site. Show Budgies are usually referred to as "English" Budgerigars. Don't as me why but there you go..
  8. All going well so far Jimmy. Concrete base all done along with 3 out of 8 side panels constructed. Just waiting for some concrete blocks and aviary mesh to be delivered. Then I can get on with the roof construction. It will be a fair size when its finished, about 28 x 12 feet. I think its only fair that the birds have as much room for flight as possible to help keep them healthy and strong. We have more storms and heavy rain due again this week. The bad weather that we have been having here since December is really slowing the aviary build down. We were flooded out in early December and some of my neighbours have still to move back into there houses, just got to think positive and keep going I guess.
  9. Nice to hear from you both, you have some nice looking budgies there Phoebes, if you don't mind me saying so. Thanks for the welcome,
  10. Cliffmas

    New Aviary

    Hi there, make sure that any seal you decide to use will not be toxic to the birds if they decide to nibble at it. On the upside it looks great what you are doing.
  11. Hi all. I am going to be building a new aviary this year. I used to breed budgerigars more than 25 years ago and have decided to start the hobby again now that I have more time to dedicate to the birds. I live in the UK in a place called Boston in Lincolnshire. If there are fellow breeders around this area that would like to say "Hi" then that would be great. It will be a few weeks/months before I complete the new aviary build, but when completed I shall be looking for some new birds to start me off. So like I said if there are any breeders close enough to me then by all means do say "Hi". Looking forward to hearing from you all....... Cliffmas
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