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  1. That's a great idea, Flip, thanks
  2. Thanks everyone. I'll try to take a couple of photos and stick them up tomorrow. I'm hoping there's no damage (muscle wastage etc) since they're quite young... have to see, I guess. I'm considering writing letters to the powers that be to try and get cage sizes regulated... situations like this are unacceptable.
  3. Hi everyone, my latest 'rescue' is 2 budgies that were in a tiny cage http://newton.unh.edu/~tjg62/project/birdcages.html (similar to the small blue one, middle of the bottom row). They're now in one of my spare flight cages before they go into the aviary. Before purchase, I asked whether they'd been allowed out. Apparently they had been, but because they try to 'fly away' the owners clipped the wings to 'unbalance' them. On looking for myself, it appears that the feathers on one wing on each bird have been cut, and I'm not sure how well although I couldn't see traces of blood, and it does look like the right feathers have been cut... I'm not an expert though. My question - should these grow back properly? They're about 6 months old apparently, do I just have to wait for the next moult? The male seems to be recovering; he can at least fly a little better than the female. The girl could barely get off the ground Thanks! I appreciate the help
  4. figgs

    How Many Budgies?

    Hi everyone, I'm wondering how many budgies I can comfortably fit in my aviary. There are only 6 in there at the moment. It's 2 by 1 metre with a safety door. Hopefully pics below will work... ....okay, how do you insert images? :/ lol
  5. Thanks everyone Finnie - yeah, I'm pretty careful with that, hate the thought of any of them getting sick. It's so concerning though how many budgies seem to be mistreated
  6. Hi everyone, I'm a budgie (and all round animal) lover from Perth. Have been browsing these forums casually for months but couldn't figure out why it wouldn't accept my email... apparently the facebook address is the only acceptable one?? Anyway, I'm here now I've just transferred my budgies to an outdoor aviary. They'd been in separate cages (either 1 or 2 per cage) for varying amounts of time. We started with Chloe, a rescue we adopted from Second Chance Small Animal Shelter. After a while we decided to get her a companion, along came Ollie. Then Nudgie flew into our backyard, looking hungry and exhausted, so we ended up keeping her. After a while we thought we should even them up so there was no 'third wheel'; introducing Max. The place I got him from had a lot of other birds, but one in particular I didn't like how it was being kept, so I bought it as well (too young to tell gender). Had to even the numbers up again, so I went surfing on gumtree and found Tom... I do have a 'bad' habit of going online and finding birds that are in tiny cages or look unloved, and trying to get them. Today I bought another one that was in a round cage with a single perch. The bird is actually happy looking, but looked eager to get to the other budgies when we got home. So that's the story. Mainly I seek to promote animal welfare, educate people about the right conditions for keeping birds and just trying to make animals as happy as possible. Animal cruelty is possibly the most upsetting thing about the world, for me at least Anyway, I'll end the ramble there... but I look forward to getting into discussions
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