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  1. my bird is so cheeky he has listen to my baby cousin so much that he can even cry like her

  2. my bird had a bleeding nostril then i found out he had a cancer if he does it will come in at least 3 weeks when it if it does go take him to the vet to get it removed unfortunetly i didnt know that at the time and my baby budgie died but then i found out it can simply be removed : (
  3. i lost my bird [marshmellow] from a tumor and found out there is lots of different diseses for birds which made me think about it and i want to help people and my tip is get your bird checked it might save their life
  4. my budgie died

    1. Birdlove


      I'm so sorry :(

    2. Nadene


      Sorry to hear that :(

    3. L__J


      sorry to hear what happened?

  5. at my place we have lots of honey suckle nests and one of the nests had babies in it and one fell out and died :(

  6. my budgies tumor disappeared then returned again

    1. Budgie_Mad


      I hope it disappears again for good!

    2. ilovebirds


      he still has it but it is clearing

    3. Budgie_Mad


      thats good, hope it does dissapear, fully and wihtout return


  7. sad cause my budgie has a brain tumor :(

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Prince_Charming
    3. L__J


      oh thats not good so how do u suspect a brain tumor on a budgie?

    4. ilovebirds


      they start to act weird or loose some feathers on their head

  8. this morning i saw a pair of baby galars

    1. L__J


      galahs are every where here in tassie.


      the numbers of galahs I see is increasing.


      I am also spotting allot more flocks of black cocky's and white cocky's.


    2. ggmab


      Indian Minors have started to invade were I live, they have already started invading the natives :(

    3. ilovebirds


      the galahs are beautyful

  9. my budgie sleeps on the bottom of his cage but he is healthy
  10. i sore a cute little budgie yesterday it was a small blue budgie

  11. i am saveing to get my bird mashmelow a bigger cage and a bird gym

    1. roseydoo


      Thats good!


    2. Budgieperson


      cool thats the way to go mashmelow would love that.


  12. maybe he is cold because birds dont like the cold hope i can help
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