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  1. Noooooooooo was hoping boy for green and girl mauve....
  2. sorry can t delete old posts very new to this. im hoping boy and girl they are young and starting to loose their feathers, boy feathers everywhere lol
  3. Yes it's under the the same kind of heading straight under this post. Appreciate everyone's help...it's funny they both bite probably scared
  4. They both had their wings clipped maybe that's why it looks funny?
  5. I have one budgie very young it's very noisy and bit of a bulky the other one just sits there not a sound from it does that mean I have both sexes?? And why does the quite one cherp At all?? I have pictures of them in the topic what are the sexes...
  6. The violet one chirps its head of the green hasn't made a sound lol
  7. Will try to figure out how to put big pics up thanks for the reply Also if it helps the green is quite but bites the violet one chirps and doesn't bite as much
  8. Oh thanks so much for that and should I leave them inside for awhile and not handle them for a couple of days?
  9. I bought home two young budgies yesterday they have had their wings clipped, and they haven't moved of the highest perch at all not even to come down to drink or eat? Can they not fly around the cage now that their wings are clipped or they take awhile to explore? Not sure Of sexes yet will post them when I work out how lol. I took them out to put them on the lower perch and one bit me hard and the other didn't really care... Any help would be appreciated
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