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  1. Hi Bird Lover I will be getting my new budgies from a local bird pet shop. I will be getting them soon, just the weather hasn't been too pleasent lately and don't want to take them from small cages straight out into the elements (might be a bit drastic and somewhat traumatic for them), I would rather wait for a nice sunny day so that they can enjoy their home coming. I am terribly excited though. Thanks for the support
  2. Oh no ='( Thank you for your help anyway. Will get a few budgies tomorrow and start a new family. Thanks again
  3. Thank you so much. Just don't want to give up on the little munchkins just yet. Looks probable that I could get the mom back, if that would help at all. Thanking you kindly
  4. Hi There Desperately seeking assistance in caring for budgie eggs. A brief background: We recently aquired a new restaurant equipped with two avaries. The budgies were removed about 4 days ago by the previous owners. Yesterday we went in to clean the cages before getting birds of our own to put in there and found 4 budgie eggs. I currently have them nestled in a container of cotton wool with a warm lamp at a consistant distance and temperature. Please any advice would be most appreciated. I am currently trying to find out from the previous owners if i could perhaps buy the mom from them, not quite sure if thats the right route to go. Please Help!
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