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  1. they are so cute! sorry about your hen best of luck. roseydoo
  2. hey guys just explaining my point i am 137 kms away from my nearest vet and petstore.
  3. thnaks i wil defintley get more boxes and more nesting materials i will try to give them a water despencer and some fruit and veg. though its hard to get diffrent budgie seed beacuse i only have 1 supermarket that sells bird products and thats it but fruit and vege will halp and my babies all go to homes of my friends and family. i think im doing okay. thanks
  4. i am not sure of the limits of breeding though i cant take the boxes out because the younger budgies stilll want to breed and BJ 1. there are around 3-4 breeding pairs but more males (10 budgies) 2. just wheat and basic small parrakeet seed coles or IGA bird mix no sunflowers or corn 3.i am not sur how to seperate baths and water? they dont seem to bath much i normally put my hose on a mist and spray the budgies lightly. i have never seen my budgies bath in there water. 4.the cage is around 1.3 meters wide and 2.5 meteres long 5. 1 three hole box(3 conpartments) and 1 two hole (2 compartments) 6. they have pushed them to the front and sit on nothing 7. no they dont seem to eat cuttle 8. no i will check though! thanks 8.
  5. let her be.... if she contuines attacking the new chick sadly this has happened to me and 2 chicks died ad the other one grew up and died so the chick must be sick or the hen is stressed just let her do what she needs to do sadly this is the only thing that worked for me.
  6. okay so i am sure the birds are around4 or 5 years old there is a large food bowl on the cage and bird bath for water the nexting boxes sit on a shelf at the back of the aviary.
  7. you could get somone to check your food and water for you
  8. roseydoo

    To Much

    hi guys 2 of my females budgies are nesting as its great for breeding now that its hot but they have layed to many eggs they are not sitting on them or incubating them just all 'duds'. In one box one of the female has layed 12 eggs in the other 10. i am scared of my budgies health because they never come out of the box often. i am not sure what i should do? :/
  9. I have never heard of this before though I think it happens quite often as most hand raised budgies don't go to pet stores
  10. Yellow boy blue girl? They still look pretty young because of there eyes are still full black normally they have white ring in there eye if they are an adult so I would say about 6-14 months old
  11. okay so i have been taming a budgie for my cousin and she is going great she is finger taming her for nearly 5 days now and she is sitting on my shoulder while i write now. But she is a pain getting her out of the cage when i try to grab her she sqwaukes? non stop. then when i finally pick her up she stops sqwauking i try holding her in the most comfortable postion.(hands over wings belly on palm or cupped hands) but even when i hold her to put her back she squawke(now she climbed to my head) she is preety tame i just wondering on how to make her more comfortable or to get her to stop squawking Or will she just stopped with more taming... i have got her another 2 weeks before i give her to my cousin.
  12. taming a older budgie... hard but getting there

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