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  1. im trying this but not being sucessful, he not intrested in food, even the good stuff!! bit worried he not eating at all
  2. Yay we have a new budgie...yet to be named??

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    2. Prince_Charming


      I recommend not doing that because that can create much confusion. eg. if someone came around and asked where dazza went, they reply would be that he got away. then when asking for the new birds name, it will becoming confusing. I also find that if a pet has gone then it is often better not to name the next after the last because that can bring back memories long time after the person has healed from it. just sit down with your step-son and pick another name you both like. ask if you need hel...

    3. L__J


      yeah I have considering I have that bird he named dazza now, its new name is sonic and it suits him.


      He has one of my birds that I didn't wanna breed.

      That was already named. He has named some of the budgies his had some good names but needs to not name something the same thing after they are gone.

    4. Prince_Charming


      well good job :D very clever idea :)

  3. The bird will be ready in few weeks, im alittle concerned because the lady that has breed it didnt seam to be the cleanest person, thou her brids looked to be in great shape, im only getting the one, we dont have any others. thanks for your help.
  4. I need info, We are getting another budgie in few weeks and id like info on how to worm and other things i should do when bringing it home
  5. Thinking it might be time to get another Budgie.....

  6. Im sad to say but our family pet budgie Hobart passed away while we were on holidays, my sister was looking after him, but we think he may hav fretted for us. Is this common?? he was only 6mths old. R.I.P Hobart xx

    1. Finnie


      It does sometimes happen to babysat budgies. Maybe start a topic about it, and other people can share their experiences. There could be a lot of reasons. Sorry for your loss. :(

    2. robyn


      sorry about your baby. I bet your sister is feeling guilty as well poor girl.

    3. birdluv


      sorry for your loss. As Finnie said that it does occasionally can happen unfortunately :(

  7. thank you all for your help ill trim them myself, ive cut my dogs before so is the same procedure, dont cut the blood vein. Thanks again
  8. My budgies nails are too long and im not too keen on cutting them myself, what other options are there for him to shorten them?? Thanks to any help, i know its a simple question, but it would help!
  9. Thanks B.J I'll get on to it for him
  10. My budgie keeps trying to bathe in his food dish which has some broc and carrot in it. it did have water in it for few days, as i was getting a replacment for his water feeder. Should i put a bathing dish in the cage for him or wait til the weather warms up?? and how often should a budgie bathe??
  11. Thanks guys much appreciated.
  12. Hi im wanting to learn how to train my budgie and what is the best way to do so, He will sit on my hand and shoulder, but would like to do other things with him he is very enquisitive and dont want him to goto waste, thanks for any help.
  13. Jane90

    New To Bbc

    thanks you birdluv, i hav found that my local petshop stores millet. thanks again
  14. Jane90

    New To Bbc

    thank you for your reply and advice, he was not allowing us to scratch him but heis slowly allowing us,Ive read about millet, can you please tell me what it is and where would i get it from? Do you have any suggestions on what we can teach him and how to, im new to birds. Also do you have any idea on why he keeps flapping his wings?? is he preparing his wings?? Thank you.
  15. Jane90

    New To Bbc

    Hi everyone, im a new Budgie owner, we hav purchased a hand tamed budgie ( Hobart) he is wonderful, he is about 5wks old. But im after some advice on retaming him alittle - my son has been holding him and from what i can gather he was holding Hobart in his hand, and now when some one wants to pat him he makes these noises like - leave me alone noises. can anyone give me some sort of advice. He loves to come out of the cage and we are hand feeding him, but he just wont let us pat him. How can i get him to trust us again??? :-(
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