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  1. It's a greywing.


    Kaz in the top photos the tail quill is definitely grey (looks like these pics are taken without flash) the bottom one shows blue tail feather but the picture appears to have been taken with flash or colour enhanced somehow.



    And what's her body colour? Skyblue or Cobalt?

    I think it's Skyblue but someone on another forum said that she is Cobalt because greywing diluted her colour.

    Can you shed some light to this?

    Thank you.

  2. I was told by a breeder that she is a "Misty" budgie?



    No such thing. Its a made up name by that "breeder"who told you that.


    As far as clarification goes.............she appears to greywing but the tail quill is wrong. Its entirely possible that due to errors of identification her parents may have been possible clearwing and greywing or something like that......I cant be sure. BUT clearwing in her parentage may be why her tail quill is not grey. She may be a mix.



    Actually I found a link on a website regarding this "Misty" mutation.

    So this website has false information?



    And doesn't a Clearwing and Greywing's combination produce Full Bodied Greywing?

    My FBC Greywing does have a grey tail at the end of it.

    Anyways, what can I expect if I breed her to my FBC Greywing Violet Cobalt?

    Thanks for the clarification :)


  3. It seems to be greywing on first look BUT a greywing has a grey tail quill and yours hasnt.


    If not greywing, then what's her mutation?

    To me the colour seems grey, but when I compare her to my FBC Greywing, his wings are whiter than her's...and I presume that the difference occurred due to the difference between FBC Greywing and Greywing...


    Hi, as to the tail bobbing, how long have you had her? It may be just stress from moving etc .

    Have you quarantined her if she's new. I'd keep a close eye on her to see it's not respiratory, or some other illness. If she starts to look fluffed up etc she will need help or vet advice. :rolleyes:


    Yes she is quarantined.

    The tail bobbing seemed to have stopped. I've had her for a day now, so I guess she was simply scared at that time.

    Thank you. :)

  4. Is this budgie a Greywing, Full Bodied Greywing or Cinnamon?

    What's the exact mutation?


    I presume it is Greywing Skyblue?


    And what can I expect if I breed her (later, I know she's young) to Winter, my male Full Bodied Greywing Violet cobalt?





















    By the way, when I noticed her at the pet store, she seemed healthy and no tail bobbing....but her tail is bobbing slightly now. Is this normal with new budgies, because I haven't seen any of my other 4 budgies do it when they were new?

  5. We don't have avian vets around here, so I took him to a vet who claims he treats all kinds of animals, but from what I saw, he was just going along with the symptoms I described and what these could relate to...and he told me to continue the medicines I was already giving him, and to add a small drop of yoghurt to his water because the bacteria in the yoghurt is supposed to be beneficial to the birds.

    I got back home anyway, wasn't really impressed by the vet but he was my only hope.

    I've been preparing a fresh solution of the meds every day.

    It's the third day after I noticed he was sick, Sky now bobs his tail very slightly, almost hard to notice if you look at him from a distance. His droppings seem normal now, there's no more mucus to clean up, I notice de-hulled seeds in his food bowl, and can sometimes catch him eating.

    He's more active now and chirps when he hears my other birds chirp from a distance.

    He just seems to have lost some weight.

    The vet told me to continue the meds for 7 days, but I'll take Kaz's advice instead.

  6. I found a medicine called "Doxy-A (vet)", and antibiotic, which is manufactured in my country. It's a powdered medicine which was recommended by a pet store supplier. Since I couldn't find a vet so I had to rely on his advice.


    I was told to continue the medicine for 5 days.


    I mixed a pinch of the powder in all the food and water bowls of all 4 of my birds, just in case the others were affected, even if they are not showing any symptoms like Sky.


    I've also been cleaning out the discharge from Sky's nostrils which dries out and blocks the opening of the cere.


  7. Sky looked a little odd to me today and when I picked him out I saw that somethinglooked odd around his beak. The sides of his beak seems empty (maybe he lostfeathers from there as he's going through a moult).


    Then I noticed the feathers above his cere seemeddirty. I cleaned it up and some brownish, sticky liquid started coming out ofhis nostrils.


    I’vebeen cleaning his nostril every hour or so.


    I used a moist earbud to clean the nostrils andgave him a light mist bath.


    I moved him to a separate cage because I amconcerned that he might have passed the disease onto my boys.


    Anyways he is trying to sleep now but I noticethat his tail points downwards and moves back and forth.


    His droppings are watery too.


    I just had a medicine which is manufactured in mycountry for poultry birds, which is supposed to be used to treat bacterial andrespiratory diseases (in chickens mainly I guess).

    I mixed that powder in his water and food.


    It is called Cosumix Plus


    There's no vet around and I don't know what to do.

  8. all too young


    How is that related? It's not like I'm gonna breed them now, I just wanna know the possible outcomes in order to decide which 2 to breed in the future, based on that I'd pair them up soon and keep the couple in their own cage.



    This is related because you did not say when you would be breeding them and they are way too young and its still too early to be pairing them up in seperate cages. So, in light of it not being said WHEN I posted that they are far too young, which they are.



    I see where Kaz is coming from and it was one of my first thoughts too.


    You didn't say when you were going to pair them, you just said you were going to.

    Look at it from Kaz's perspective, she's had to convince countless people to do right by their birds instead of themselves, she was just nipping this one in the butt early lol


    Also, I'm not sure, but Winter kind of looks like a girl with all that blue around the nostrils


    Oh, I guess I haven't thought about it that way...then I apologize.

    I have 3 males and 1 female and other people have told me that if I house them all together the boys could fight over the female, which is why if I see that happening, I will separate the female...but wouldn't want it to get lonely,

    so then I'd like to place her in a cage with one of the boys, that way I'd have even number of budgies in 2 cages. Which is why I was wondering which boy to house the female with if I have to separate the 4 (which is after Vanilla's quarantine period is over, after 3 weeks)...and so I'd like her to have the boy I might breed her with in the cage, so that they'll bond in the next 8 months, by the time they are ready to breed.

    And about Winter's gender, I believed he was a she for the last 5 months...he recently started to look like a boy...lol



    NO Maddy! Don't go there! :o Poor Rashu has been through countless trouble trying to figure out Winter's gender! Winter is a boy, don't make him start guessing all over again.^_^


    :D You can see here, for yourself. http://forums.budgie...showtopic=31705


    Haha, more like take a look at this.



  9. I got this bird recently. She has red eyes (or plum eyes? I don;t know what plum eyes are and haven't been able to compare). I am assuming she is under 4 months old as she was housed in the cage with birds that had baby bars.

    Upon closer inspection, I could see very lightly coloured stripes/baby bars on the head, and some markings on the wings. As far as I know, albinos are all white (unless a bird is a lacewing, but then the markings are brown?)

    So I am not sure if she is a DF Spangled or Albino because there are faint markings and red eyes.

    Pictures in natural light:



    If you look carefully at the next picture, you can see baby bars on the head.



    Wing Markings:


  10. Winter was around 3 months old in this picture. I was told then that I have a female, due to visible white rings around the nostrils and a bluish cere.



    An old video.


    Kindly watch this video I took of Winter before the first moult.



    Isn't that how a female's cere looks like at that age?


    Recent video (you can watch in full screen)



    Please Click for newest pictures (the last ones are the most recent ones):




    The problem I am facing now is that the cere is still blue, and Winter is at around 7-8 months of age. I keep getting mixed opinions about the gender.


    Behaviour wise:

    • Less noisy compared to other 2 male budgies in my house.
    • Never regurgitates food like the males in the house do for Winter.
    • Bossy...kicks, steps on the tail or the back of the males if they don't regurgitate, or get in her way, or just for no reason at all.
    • Doesn't jump around like the other males do.
    • Talks...can say "Pretty Pretty Bird", "Watcha doing?", "Gimme a kishy." and imitates my kissing noises.
    • Very friendly with me.

    So, what do you guys think?

  11. I'm new to this forum but not new to budgies. I have 2 budgies, their pictures and videos are available Here.

    I live in Bangladesh, a South Asian country I have had my budgies for around 5 months. They are amazing little creatures.

    I do have a question though, this is my first time in this forum. I have never registered before, but while I tried to sign up for this account,

    my primary email wasn't allowed to be used. I got the message "This email is banned." How is this possible?

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