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  1. Thanks again for your helpful tips, Look at the difference a week makes. I added an iodine block to the cage and changed their seed to Golden Cob. Even I can tell its a boy!! thanks again Ray before one week later
  2. Thank you. Whats the best way of increasing his iodine level cheers Ray Sorry...... I found what I was looking for in the forum. (Should have looked it up first before asking dumb questions ) cheers Ray
  3. Thanks, I seem to be having problems posting pics. When I check the properties on Photbucket they show 660x480 approx but after posting they are smaller I will try again. Ray
  4. Hi I was hoping you could determine what type of budgie I have. I,m still a bit confused over clearwings, spangles, dilutes etc thanks Ray
  5. Hi everyone, could you please help me determine the sex of one of my budgies, I was sold it as a boy and it did seem to have a blueish color when it was younger but now I suspect its a girl . They are not the best pics if you need better ones let me know thanks Ray
  6. Hi, Here a few pics taken today. What do you think? cheers Ray Not sure if I should ask this question here? What type is my other budgie? thanks Ray
  7. Thanks everyone for your help. Being a novice I'm very confused and concerned. He seems okay as in he eats heaps, seed, greens, pretty much anything I offer him. He is a bit bigger than the other bird ((which I'm sure is younger). They are both moulting and have pin feathers on their heads etc. When I got him he had some flights but i'm not sure if all of them (I'm learning alot as I go) They both groom alot so I'm not sure if they fell out or he pulled them out. He seems to have tail feathers intact and I noticed today the feathers alongside the tail feathers are spreading out. I will try to get a picture tomorrow so I can explain better thanks again Ray
  8. Thanks, If they do grow back , are they likely to grow back even as I feel he had more feathers on one side. I'm disappionted the breeder didn't say something. cheers Ray
  9. not sure why.. but this went straight to half way down the second page of health? cheers Ray
  10. Hi from sunny Qld, I recently purchased 2 male budgies (they are about 8/9 weeks old) The normal blue one has lost all his flight feathers (see picture) I noticed they were sticking out at an odd angle after his first shower a few days back. He only had a few left this morning but they were dangling down and now he has pulled these out and has none. Will they grow back? Is it something I have done? He eats extremely well , chirps and whistles along with the other bird and seems very healthy. Any help would be great I read a bit about French molt and was wondering if this is the case. I am very concerned. cheers Ray
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome. The rope toy has gone (I should have known better) cheers Ray
  12. Hi everyone This is a wonderful forum. I have learnt a lot from some great threads. We have purchased 2 male baby budgies and a cage suitable to house them. We are delighted with are new family members . (they don't have names yet) The first picture shows our cage set up and one of our 2 Dals "Lucky ( pictured )and Domino". Lucky's not to sure by the new additions. But the budgies are fine with him.(the breeder had dogs.) Anyway hi for now I'm not convinced that I have done the photos correctly so please let know if they are not. Ray
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