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  1. Visually, they both look mauve to me. I also used this color guide and they seem to fit the mauve color. http://www.bestofbreeds.net/wbo/budgerigarcolourguide.htm
  2. Alright thanks everyone! I really appreciate the help!
  3. Hello,

    I was just looking at your forum post about clearwings.. I was hoping if you could help me, Im confused about my budgie and a member thought it could be a clearwing, could you take a look, please?


    Any help would be great.

  4. Well thanks guys! I absolutely fell in love with her when I first saw her and haddd to buy her =] Well at first I thought she was a Dom Pied because she does have a little Dom patch on top of her head, but she doesnt have a band across her belly so I wasnt sure...But now that you mention the clearflight, I did a search and it says they can have a clear patch behind their head, so its a possibility I think.
  5. Hello, I'm hoping someone could help me identify what color and mutation my budgie here is... but Im really confused on her color. Is she a blue dilute .. is a grey dilute possible? The grey body color and grey markings throw me off so Im not sure how to label her.. If anyone could help me, I'd really appreciate it! Heres a picture of her as a baby: And here she is today:
  6. Soooo excited!! :D I finally got my budgies to try veggies and they LOVED it!!!!

    1. robyn


      takes a while for them to catch on but now they have started you can gradually add a few more varieties for them.Always checking for safe ones.

    2. ParakeetVal


      Thats exactly what Ive been doing, but I'll make sure to continue checking up on safe food for them =] Now that they know its food, theyve been a lot more willing to try new things =]

  7. Hey Guys, So I got this budgie in March of this year. I think he's a yellowface type two (because he used to have some blue and now its turned like a sea foam-greenish). I think hes a dom pied,not 100% sure though. This is him as a baby in feb. (Sorry the first couple pictures are poop-tastic at best, they were the only ones i have =/ ) This is him when I got him in March. April And now, November (8 months after I got him) This picture has flash because otherwise the sea foam-greenish blue wouldnt be too noticeable on camera. So what do you all think?
  8. I wasnt so sure on colors because Im still new to trying to identify, but I was pretty sure it was violet after seeing the pictures that Ailes posted. *Nerwen* thank you for mentioning the WBO color guide, it made me search up on what it is and its a really good resource to have handy. I will most definitely keep this saved and use it as a reference point for the future! Thank you everyone who contributed!!
  9. Ailes, would it be okay if i could use your 2 pictures (the one of the 2 cobalts/mauves and the other of the cobalt violet) so I could put them side-by-side to my own budgie's picture. I'll give you full credit for them, i just want to post it on my thread on here to show people what im talking about.

  10. okay so the violet color didnt really come out as much, but hopefully you all can see what im talking about.. So all in all, compared to Ailes's cobalt and cobalt violet budgie, mine looks a lot more like the cobalt violet shade. Thoughts?
  11. Thank you, I can see the difference now that they're next to each other. So i was playing with my bird this afternoon and i took it outside to get a better look at its color, I noticed that its belly looks cobalt BUT its back as well as around its neck looks violet...? You can see a noticeable difference and its tail although mostly looks dark blue theres like a bit of park purple in there.. I took pictures, I'll try to post them in a bit, hopefully what im talking about shows on the picture. .. Can the violet only show on certain places? ie around neck or back?
  12. OH okay, then it is a Cobalt. Does anyone have a picture of a violet and a mauve?
  13. Heres a picture of them in natural light, no flash. And one of my sky blue budgie next to one. Do any of you have a picture of a cobalt, a mauve and a violet? Ive been reading the forums but they still look a lot alike to me. Thanks!
  14. Hey Guys, I just got 2 baby budgies and was just curious as to what color they were as well as mutations. I would really appreciate it for the help. Thanks!
  15. Theres no way shes "less than 6 months" I have pictures of her from 7 months ago.. Going through my photo album on my phone, I have a picture of her in December and one from November. December was 9 months ago, November 10. The photo in November you clearly see her baby bars go down all the way to her cere. BUT I was looking at the pictures closely, there doesn't seem a big difference from 7 months ago to the picture taken now, except the iris rings. (Difference on the cap, why??) March 2011 (7 months ago) ) Now
  16. Heres a new picture of her. I took it a few moments ago. Sorry about the quality, I took it on my phone. Hen And I was reading a post by Neville where he spoke about how Combination pieds are often mistaken for recessive or df dominant. Do you believe she could be a combination? Baby Update Heres a picture of them... Their down doesnt look white, it looks more grey.. So I think opaline is out, what do you guys think?
  17. Which post and hen of Kaz's are you talking about? Can you put a link to it here? I have officially confused myself once again. The Kaz post was a Pied Test (I should have linked you to the page of the bird I believe looks like mine, its the bird in Kaz's second post which is labeled a DF Dom Pied...) BUT now I have seen a post by Neville about Combination Pieds and I think my hen looks like the hen that he states a " typical combination of dominant and recessive pieds" just because it appears to have very few markings on its wings. So like I said, I am once again lost. But Im leaning more towards combination..
  18. Well I got her officially back in July. She used to be my grandma's and shes had her since September of last year. So she's been in my family for 1 year and 1 month. If youd all like, I can upload a more recent picture, but even there she doesnt really have big or very noticeable iris rings (I still had to take her outside into better light to be able to clearly see the iris rings), although the stripes on her head have receded waaaaayyyy more than they are in this picture. And my cock I have had since November of last year, but I was told that he was 8 weeks old when I got him, so I've had him for a year next month on the 13. I didnt know all this would come from old pictures, (I checked my computer and they are from March 29 and 31, 2011), I can put up a recent picture but it would have to be later as it is night over here. Sorry for all the confusion, but I wouldnt breed any bird under a year -pinky promise- even as a newbie I know that.
  19. I lied, whoopsie. I took her out into better light and she has an iris ring, I just couldn't see it in dim light. In the Second picture, you can kinda see her iris.
  20. I took a second reading of the post by Kaz, I think I got it now. My hen is dominant pied, I believe. I saw an almost exact version of my hen as one of hers and it was labeled. Haha, thanks!
  21. okay, Ive read the post now.. It seems to make sens that there would be so much confusiiong because they were bred to eachother and many today have many similar characteristics. Im just trying to get a better understandings of the pieds and clearflights because Im trying to identify what my hen is... She has the spot on the top of her head (Dominant pied characteristic), but all flight feathers are clear (Clearflight) BUT her eyes have never lightened, she has no Iris Ring as well as her bottom colored green (which I thought were Recessive traits) I just confuse myself, hahaha
  22. Hello, Each egg takes about 18 - 21 days of incubation to hatch, so If they haven't hatched after the 21 days... You should candle them to see if they're fertile or just duds, as for being dead in shell, I'm not much help, I'm new to breeding as well. But someone on here is bound to know more about this. Good luck!
  23. Thanks for confirming for me! I just wasn't sure, since I am new to all this. And here's a couple pictures of my hen, taken a couple months ago, (Sorry, I'm not home so cant get more recent pictures) BUT She does NOT have Iris rings.
  24. Hey Guys, So I'm curious, whats the difference and I heard there can be combinations of the two?? Also, if anyone could help me with identifying my hen here. Thanks!
  25. Oh WOW! Thank you for letting me know! Clearly I need to pay attention and research genetics. But because you brought it to my attention, I did a bit of research on Opaline genetics. Based on what I learned, I found out that Opaline is sex-linked on the Z-chromosome. So I did a basic Punnet Square to try to understand and I got the genotype results as: (Lets say the * is the allele that carries Oplaine) My pair would be cock ZZ* x ZY Males (ZZ) 50% Normal (ZZ) 50% Heterozygous (Split) for Opaline (ZZ*) Phenotype: 100% Normal Females (ZY) 50% Normal (ZY) 50% Opaline (Z*Y) Phenotype: 50% Norma,l 50% Opaline (I hope i understood it right) So now Im a tad confused, I dont believe hens can be hetero or Split for Opaline. Could /Split Opaline babies have white down? Or would this mean the babies I have are therefore are Opaline hens? Thanks so much!
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