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  1. Lovely looking chicks!!!Has the first chick photographed...the grey spangle I think......got a reddish colour to its mask? or is it just the photo?They look like big chicks to me, as I breed pet type only which are not exactly large birds.
  2. WOW!!!!!!!!....I am extremely impressed with your set up Splat!
  3. okay. thanks. I might look into getting a garden shed and wire up one side of it. Sounds cheaper. Do some hardware store shopping on the weekend me thinks.
  4. 91 views...........nothing about absco aviaries! Does anyone know about them???
  5. Are there any others you would also recommend???I enjoy reading these books and gaining knowledge in the fancy.
  6. I bought a book today, from a small second hand store, 'The Cult of the Budgerigar', by Watmough. I paid $8. It is an old copy, possibly the first edition circa 1952. This is now my third book on the budgerigar. I have a book by John Scoble, 'The Complete Book of Budgerigars' which I had as a kid but misplaced it, so I picked it up on Ebay. Also I picked another good book called, 'Budgerigars, All You Need to Know, by Michael Christian. Its great reading when you cannot be bothered sitting at the computer.
  7. I am looking into getting a larger aviary for my current flock and my future planned crew of feathered friends. Are these ABSCO aviaries any good, does anybody have one or know anything about the quality that they are??? I am thinking about a flatroof 3m deep, 1.5m wide and 1.8m tall unit which has a 20 yr warranty. I believe it is $527 plus $30 for an anchoring kit. Also what would the people say would be the maximum number of budgies that could reside in this size aviary. They say online that they will depot deliver for free. That sounds good.
  8. I agree with GB and Kaz. Show the 'oldies' you are a very responsible lad and save your cash to fund this great hobby.GOOD LUCK. I hope all goes well.I had an aviary when I was in late primary school and really enjoyed caring for the budgies and quails I had. I was lucky because my dad loved and still loves budgies so he bought the aviary and all the birds but I had to do all the cleanings, topping up of water and seed, killing and removing mice, removal of dead birds and anything else to do with the birds. It was not a huge aviary but I have very fond memories from the time spent in and around it.I am 38 now and after 20 years of being out of the hobby I returned to it 1.5 years ago and wishing I had never given it up.
  9. I was going to say a girl before I read anyone's post replies. She is a real cute one at that!
  10. ooooops!!! sorry. I had my 12 yr old daughter(who is a budgie nut also ) try do do the photo thing for me. Will try again soon.
  11. file:///G:/DCIM/101PHOTO/SAM_8107.JPG file:///G:/DCIM/101PHOTO/SAM_8112.JPG file:///G:/DCIM/101PHOTO/SAM_8114.JPG file:///G:/DCIM/101PHOTO/SAM_8117.JPG
  12. They are so quick sometimes in picking up a noise or a whistle or even another bird's call. My pet 'Bert', spent possibly two days outside last summer and he picked up some wild bird calls which he still belts out in his routine.
  13. I have not been breeding budgies for that long but I take out the little ones twice a day for an inspection, ie to check crop filling, poo build up on their legs and for general health. I always put them back and the parents always keep feeding them. That's just my 2 cents worth........
  14. Stunning spangles. It really makes me want to have some. Their wing markings are so divine!
  15. Well my visual violet male and my albino hen have had 3 of their 6 eggs hatch and survive.... the three fledgies are fully feathered and venturing out the nest box quite a lot. The oldest being a deep violet colour like his/her dad and the younger two are more a mauve type. The other nest which has a light green male and a rec pied (white and blue) has had 3 of their 6 eggs survive also. The chicks feathers are coming in now on their wings and butts and heads but still only a heavy down on their bodies. One chick seems to be a normal, one chick looks like it's pied mother and the last one is a puzzle......It has allot of yellow on it's wings, back of head with some black also. Would I be safe in guessing it could be a white and yellow rec pied maybe? No green has appeared yet and this would make the cock a light green/rec pied? Because if green is dominant and none of the 3 chicks are green, 2 of the chicks so far show pied markings, he has to be?
  16. I visited a pet store, not in my local town, and was totally bewildered at the poor, cramped condition these many, many budgies had to put up with. My wife thinks I am a freak for my love of budgies but even she was left feeling horrified at this stores lack of thought in where to locate the poor budgies. I saw other options there and I cannot work out why they would not do the right thing. My pet bird, who lives inside the house in his cage has a roomier cage than these 'holding boxes' which had up to 20 birds in each............DISGRACEFUL.....SHAME!
  17. okay. Thanks for the replies. I think I am getting somewhat of an idea of might be going on in this case now. Just to either confuse things or cement things I have since bred this albino hen with a visual violet cock and so far the chicks look to me as one is cobalt and the other two are light violet (possibly mauve-they look a little lighter than the cock. Does this change anyones' ideas???
  18. I am new to the genetics side of breeding and enjoying working out, or at least trying to, the outcome of certain pairs. However what I do not get is why a sky blue male and a red eyed albino hen had 11 chicks over 2 clutches and I ended up with no sky blues. I had 6 cobalts, 2 albinos and 3 rec pieds (white and cobalt). The rec pieds I understand come because the parents must both be split for that.......is that right? My question is, as it puzzles me, as to why no sky blues where in the clutches?
  19. Thanks for the advice. I will pull the hen out in the morning. She is a gentle, non biting lovely natured bird but I do not want her to go a second clutch.
  20. My violet male at night time has decided to kick the hen out and on looking in the nest box, before he hops out squarking like a 2 stroke motor, he is sitting either on or right up next to the 3 chicks. The chicks are all nearly feathered so it is not like they are little anymore. Anyone else seen this before? The hen looks all lonely and cold out in the breeding cage on a perch by herself.
  21. There is no friend like that of a budgie!

  22. budgie mate


    Thanks for the welcome! Also thanks for the answers Kaz. I am very excited to have my light green male and the white/blue rec pied sitting on 6 eggs and my violet male and female albino have 4 hatchlings. It is like Christmas everytime I check the nest boxes!!! Cheers. ps I have been checking out the posts around here and picking up heaps of great tips and info on this hobby. The pictures of different mutations are beaut. I really like the Crested birds.
  23. budgie mate


    Hello fellow budgie lovers. I am a budgie fan from childhood after having at least 3 pet budgies and an avairy of about 20. Two years ago I bought a budgie, a very pretty baby boy pied who has white wings, and tail, a blue rump, a blue collar and some pied markings on the head and neck. He has 2 different eyes, one with iris and one without. He is very tame and loves to have a shower every morning with me, and does not shut up. I also have a flight cage with some budgies in it and am planning to build an avairy when we move into our new place. I have bred an albino female with a sky blue male and got some recessive pieds, cobalt blues and some albinos, all healthy very pretty birds. Currently I am breeding a violet male with an albino female, and a green male with a white and blue recessive pied female. I am hoping for some white and violet recessive pieds hopefully. Cheers Look forward to interacting here on the forum. B.M.
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