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  1. Thanks for all the feedback.... just wanted to give an update. When I clean his cage once a week I rearrange all his toys and have even put his cage in different locations in the room.... and it all appears to have had a positive effect. I would say 80% of the 'angry dolphin' noise has stopped.... but he still does it on occassion (not often enough to be a real concern). He used to really lay into my hubby with the biting but that has almost gone too. I am feeling positive that we are heading in the right direction..... Jabberwocky - I love your idea of the stepping up several times as a form of discipline.... will give that a go.
  2. Thanks everyone.... I'm actively working on the terratorial stuff... so either that will fix it or it may fix itself when he gets over being a cranky teenager either way, fingers crossed he'll stop doing it in the next few weeks. Will keep you posted.
  3. Thanks Kaz. I'm pretty sure it's not moulting (yet) as there are no feathers in the bottom of his cage. I'm going to work on the terratorial thing to begin with. I have just cleaned out his cage and rearranged his toys and perches. I have also moved his cage to a different spot in the room. I have him out of the cage on my shoulder as I type this... all seems to be going well (perhaps he doesn't realise where his cage is at the moment since I've moved it). From what I've read, if he makes the angry dolphin noise and bites I will simply ignore him and continue to do what I am doing (for example, getting him to step up on my finger). On a side note, when the kids and I came home earlier they entered the room as loudly and playfully as 4 and 6 year olds do.... and I noticed Blu shuffling up and down his perch and bobbing his head.... can I take that to mean he was excited to see us? Oh, and I have also read enough to pick up that mirrors are bad.... so I have no mirrors in Blu's cage.
  4. Excellent.... thanks everyone. Blu is now officially considered a boy!.... now I just have to teach my 4 year old daughter to stop saying "her"...
  5. Thanks Birdluv.... I read the article you linked about why budgies bite. The sound he makes was similar to what was described as the "angry dolphin" noise associated with territorial behaviour. I'm not familiar with moulting but Blu is not looking any different than normal.... I assume if he's moulting his feathers would look different? I am due to clean out his cage today, so, as the article suggests I will change around his toys and see if that makes a difference.
  6. We are extremely new to the world of caring for a budgie. We have a boy (I posted a photo in this forum and the overwhelming response was a boy) who is about 11-12 weeks old. He's been home with us for about 3 weeks. For the first two weeks he showed daily signs of settling into his environment and becoming quite comfortable with me. After only a couple of days he was okay with stepping onto my finger to come out of the cage. After about 2 weeks there has been a sudden and unexplained change in his behaviour. He now chirps quite agrressively and bites and nips if I put my hand in the cage or even if anyone simply goes near the cage. When we do manage to get him out he will sit quietly on your hand then out of nowhere will start biting and chirping. I can't think of an incident that may have spooked him so I am at a complete loss as to why his behaviour has changed and more importantly, what do I do to stop it. I appreciate any advice.... thanks
  7. Geez Kaz, that was the quickest reply ever! Thank you... I do appreciate it. I have enclosed another photo.... this one was definitely taken without a flash.
  8. We babysat a friends budgie for 4 months and were devastated when she went home again.... so took that to mean the family was ready for a budgie of our own. We picked up a hand-reared budgie approximately 8-9 weeks old. We have spent the last 2 weeks randomly saying "him", "her", "it", but it's starting to do my head in.... I was hoping someone could have an educated guess as to what gender our newest family member is... thanks Also, you may notice the funny looking feathers on either side of his/her beak..... are these just baby feathers that will fall out or I have we picked the ugliest bird in town?
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