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  1. Long story short, roomate left window open while I was washing Lint's cage, he got out. He was out for about 5 minutes. Brought him in, he was acting strange, took him to pet shop [good pet shop], owner watched him for three days, said his leg was sprained. Gave me him back. I've left him alone with everything he needs close to the ground, food water, and most of the bottom of cage clothed with towel. 1) How long does it take for a mildly sprained leg to heal right? 2) Is there anything else I could be doing to help my little buddie out? Thanks, Goldman.
  2. Clipped, almost 9 weeks old now. If I take him away from the cage completely, he s usually scared. Won't this stress him out so that he'll view me negatively?
  3. My budgie has been with me for four days, still not chirping or running around. Although he appears to be comfortable in his cage, he is afraid of leaving the cage. I know that is acceptable for a bird only home for four days, but I want to know what to do with him. I want to physically play with my budgie. Whenever I attempt to pet him, he backs away juuuust so slightly, yet he is fine with my hands. I'll put him on top of the cage, and he runs back inside. He eats from my hand, and it doesn't seem that he cares for millet. What is recommended to get him to start: 1) chirping 2) being comfortable out of the cage 3) being social Thanks, -Goldman
  4. It's only been his second day, but whenever I open or close any of the cage doors, they make a little bit of a screeching noise [metal on metal]. It stops him from doing whatever he is doing. Is this a reason for me to worry? Do budgies get used to the sound of an opening/closing cage?
  5. Tell me about him please. The breeder's assistant told me it was a boy, the pictures make the cere look whiter than it actually is. Got him two hours ago.
  6. Thanks. Keep it simple. I shall.
  7. But if I were to use it, does it go in a separate food bowl or is it mixed into the food?
  8. Hah, Right? Well, I guess I'll add this to the list of things I feel I need to buy to spoil my budgie. I do want to make him feel like he's a wild bird in Peru. X] Thanks again!
  9. Thanks again stace. 6 Inch diameter seems a bit big. Does it have to be big for him to be able to gnaw on it? Will he be able to stand on it?
  10. So if I were to provide grit, it would go in a feeder bowl? How much and how often do I need to change it?
  11. Also, would here be any negative effects of leaving a parakeet's cage close to the ground? Around a foot or so off the ground? I understand that too high makes the bird feel dominant, but will he feel insecure if he is close to the floor?
  12. So, I'm going to go pick up a baby budgie on the weekend, and I'm currently purchasing supplies. Everything going fine, just have a question: Do budgies need grit? I've looked around and I've heard some people say it's crucial while others say it is lethal. The food I have contains a small bit of oyster shell too. If they require grit, is a small amount in food enough for them? And would it be alright if they are to feet from the window? Not facing the window, but would that be too much sunlight?
  13. Well, the bird I found in the parking lot is gone. The owner came and picked her up last week. I enjoyed taking care of the little guy, and was reluctant to hand it over. I'm going to get one later this week. My question is, when you usually buy a budgie from a breeder/pet store, how do they usually give it to you? I'd imagine they don't just bag it up like groceries. And 2) besides the little package named "Parakeet food" (which looks like seeds but I read it contains alot of many different kinds of millet) and fruit/vegetables, what else should a parakeet be eating?
  14. Found some cages, I'm just going to order them now, It'll take a few days to get here anyway. (Wide cages were actually a bit difficult to find.) Cage 1 is 24 x 16 x 16. Auction is over, but plenty more for the $25 USD price tag I hear 18 is a minimum for height and depth, and it's only two inches, but those two inches add up when it comes to volume. Would that kill me that bad? There's also Cage 2, which is 30 x 18 x 18, $60 USD. 9720 inches3 - 6144 inches3 = 3576 inches3, a little over 33%. I should probably just get Cage 2 then. Can anyone spot anything wrong with the cage?
  15. Picked up some "Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Parakeet Food", she's eating that as well as spinach, corn and carrots. I'll also make sure to cover the cage now. She has a nice little area by the window, might buy a real cage if owner doesn't show up soon. Again, if there's anything else I should be doing, let me know.
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