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  1. Hey What does quarantining the birds do?? Like how do i do this and what do i need??? How long do they need to be in quarantine for? Like the whole thing from start to finish and what to feed etc Please help ... Getting really upset with the amount of birds that are passing ...
  2. Thanks very much still dont know why the budgie died but im guessing stress of a small cage and unable to fly. We have built a bigger avairy its huge lol im not to sure of diamentions but will post them when i have a free min to measure ..,. Quails are fine, there are a few other member's on here that keep a few quails with their budgies in their aviary,
  3. Hi all im new to this site and with birds. My next door neighbor gave us a bird as she no longer wanted her. So we took her own and it was a decent cage for her and got another bird to keep her company and got a other female bird. Was about a moth later we decided we want a outside aviary. So we made one yesterday and when we went to transfer the birds into the new big cage the new month one was dead we don't know why but thinking it may have been the cage was to small and the new bird didn't have clipped wings and got to stressed being in the inside cage. Anyway, we made a 2m high, 1 1/2m wide and we ware wanting to know how many budgies etc we can put in there. We have 7 in there at the moment. Also wanting to know what else we can put in there other than budgies. We are thinking of getting some quails??? So what else can we get and how many birds etc can we have in there and so they all get along. Also any ideas why our other bird died??? Tarsha in Lower Hutt Wellington
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