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  1. I know, and I've explained it all to him. I tried to help him as best I could, told him to get a heat lamp, keep everything clean, keep the baby out of draughts and make sure the formula is hot enough. He brings the baby to work, yesterday was when I noticed the crop had slowed down and got him to massage it, this seemed to help then this morning he said the bird was refusing to feed and I noticed the pasted vent. The good news is we finally found a bird vet not too far away and he was very helpful. What poop there was didn't look good (the urates were stained green and he hadn't passed any since early this AM), he tried to get a sample for a culture but there just wasn't enough there. He said it was very likely the bird had either a bacterial or fungal infection. He got a long acting antibiotic and an antifungal via crop needle, and I asked him to show my friend how to use a crop needle. He said he was going to give subcutaneous fluids, but didn't? He said the probable infection could be what was causing the bird to not want to feed and that with the ABs and regular feeding it should be okay, and if it refuses, use the crop needle (has has been using a syringe). Fingers crossed... Very glad we got him to a vet when we did, not it's just wait and see, I'll check on him tomorrow when he brings him to work.
  2. Hi, my friend has brought home a baby, maybe three and a half weeks old. He wanted to hand raise him himslef but hasn't had any experience. The little guy is getting weaker and won't feed, I think he really needs a tube feeding, is there anyone who can assist, pretty please?? He is in the Prestons area but will be more than happy to travel if it will save the little guy's life! I've noticed he's had poopy butt and got him to remove the faeces and apply some paraffin and yesterday his crop wasn't emptying very fast. Today he is puffed up and not looking very happy and is very weak. I've only had experience with hand rearing different breeds, and never had to learn to tube feed. It would be so so appreciated if someone could help this little guy and show my friend the ropes!! If anyone around Sydney can help, please pm me o Thank you so much!
  3. Sorry guys I forgot my login! Well no one has claimed him yet :-( The swelling in the leg continues to go down and he's got a bit of use back in it. It looks like he's here to stay. If anyone would like to use him in their breeding program they are welcome to, so long as it is a good home but he can stay here as long as he wants :-)
  4. I admit I was a little concerned with this guy's growing frustration at being unable to stand on his injured leg to clean himself properly. He was looking a bit uneven for a while. He's since learned to do this: I think it is super cute so took some pics :-) He rolls onto his back to do his belly and legs or hangs by his good foot to reach places he can't without standing on his bad leg (which he can't yet, at least at this point). Hopefully the leg will continue to improve but in the meantime he's coping :-)
  5. There was poo on the floor of the cage!! Woo-hoo! :-D My friend who works in a produce store is picking me up some antibiotic today, I'll put him on a course for good measure. I'll just check this is okay to keep him in, it was my little dove's before she died. Does it need to be bigger? If he is a show bird or from a breeding program hopefully someone will be missing him! He is due back at the vet today but it may have to be tomorrow as the 13 year old mastiff had a pericardial effusion yesterday and had to be put down, and I still have to babysit the kitten that is intent on pulling out the stitches from her desexing. Can't turn my back for a minute with that one... He seems happy enough and is getting mobility back in that foot! Yay! :-)
  6. I can't see any scales, but my eyesight's not the best, I might get someone else to check. There is a strange callous-looking growth on one toe, but I can't get the resolution for it to show up on pictures. That is so terrible about your birds, that is my worst nightmare, my horses getting out. Only one of five is branded, they are chipped, but unless they're scanned pretty much anyone could just chuck them in their paddock and no one would be any the wiser. Such a shame the eggs broke! I would be devastated. He's becoming a little attached, chatters back at you and chirps along with the wild parrots outside. Is not overly enthused with the soaking/cleaning/creaming/oil-applying but all he does is exclaim his displeasure (loudly) and scuttle around the bottom of his cage until I pick him up, then he does this little sigh and sits still, lol!
  7. I'll try and get some more pics tonight, but the leg look pretty good! Compared to what it was anyway. The swelling has gone down a lot. I've been soaking leg and bottom daily and putting the cream on, and his limp is not as severe and he's even using that leg to groom himself, which is great. More bruising has come up though. No heat or redness, he's pretty lucky! Should I just treat for lice anyway? Mum says she has some triple sulfa, but it's for fish. okay, these are from tonight. Before soaking: After soaking and cream: Body shots: He's in much better spirits, just still can't evacuate cleanly! He's asleep on me now after trying to climb in my pants :-S There's this one too:
  8. No mites. Poop still sticking to his bum tho! He's all a-chatter this morning!
  9. I called the vet back, he now says he threw the ring out because it was unreadable by the time he removed it. This I understand, but why say you'll pass on the numbers if you don't have them? I think one or the other of us have our wires crossed! I asked if he remembered what colour, he said blue too. We have signs up around the area he was found in, no calls yet :-( I'll ask the paper. I don't think I have a lamp... My mother breeds bettas, I think she has some to light up her show tanks, I may go steal one and repurpose it :-P
  10. Done. Called the vet and asked for the details he said he had taken down. He said only the council or pound is allowed to track down strays and that he threw the band out and it would be good if I would keep him. I asked him to please look for it, and I was told he had taken the information off it anyway. I'm to call back later. I don't think he remembers me or the situation at all... It's not that I don't want to keep him, but if he belongs to someone he should go back! This is not the vet I use for my other animals, sigh... Faeces still being very persistent in sticking to his vent. Hopefully this will resolve itself soon?
  11. Found around Abbotsford. Yellow, seems quite tame. Trying to track down leg band details. Let me know if he is yours!
  12. okay, have betadine and fresh seed. What kind of dilution should I use? Vet closes from 11-4 so will give them a call when they reopen. Hezz I figure if it was one of my animals, I'd want whoever found it to do whatever they could. And he is a very obliging patient to boot!
  13. I am relieved he looks okay! Honestly to me it looks like the swelling is reducing and it's not as wet and weepy, so I'm taking that as a good sign. I'll get some betadine today, when I was cleaning his vent I was soaking the leg and lower abdomen in warm water with some salt in it, but betadine would definitely be better, good to know it is bird-safe! As the leg is drying out he seems to be getting more active (and noisy! :-) ). It seemed odd to me that he is pretty tame, but has a leg like that?? The seed was left over from maybe a year ago, no wonder he doesn't seem too fussed! I'll grab more of that today too. I do have millet husks, but they'd have the same problem of being a year or so old. The ring was so covered by flesh it was barely visible. I want to say it was blue, but am not certain. I know that it was shiny and metal, beyond that I'm not of much use, hopefully they will disclose the details to me. I still haven't had a call from WIRES in any case. I was pretty skeptical when they said WIRES... Thank you for your input, hopefully we will get this little guy right again! I'll post the ring details if they'll give them to me :-) Interesting that he is from show stock!
  14. Hi everyone :-) I'm new here, decided to join to get some advice on a little budgie I found. When I saw him he was hiding under a van, being attacked by some Noisy Miners so I figured some intervention was necessary. Scooped him up and he seemed quite tame (undoubtedly also in shock...) and after a preliminary assessment, other than tail feathers having been pulled out, looked okay. I was on my way home so put him in a box and took him with me. It was evening by the time I got home, so I set him up a cage, put him in and covered him for the night, not wanting to stress him any more. I later came to notice he was having difficulty perching with one foot, and was lame. At fist when I checked, it looked like his ankle (fetlock? I'm not certain of the nomenclature in birds!) was swollen. Then I looked closer, he had been banded, and it had grown into the leg such that it was barely visible. I called Alex Rosenwax's office (he used to treat my ferrets when I kept them) and he advised that just the local vet could probably cut it off. A trip to the vet later, he gets antiseptic cream twice a day, and it is wait and see whether he regains full functionality of the limb. I had also noticed he had a pasted vent, but didn't want to clean it until the band was off and he had some antiseptic for the leg injury (which looks pretty nasty). The local vet took the details on the band, and said he would pass them on to WIRES (? not sure this is the relevant authority?) and that they would be in contact with me shortly. He didn't mention anything about the pasted vent, and I forgot to mention it being caught up about the leg. They are a general dog/cat practice though. When I got him home I used warm water to sponge/massage off as much stool as I could. There was a small injury to the vent underneath but that looked superficial. I trimmed away feathers from around the vent as well as the leg wound. The vent area looks a little inflamed to me, and inside the vent feels very firm- could this be impacted faeces? I applied some paraffin to the area to hopefully soften the skin if he is constipated, and maybe stop further stool from sticking. My concern is, he has been clean for a few hours now and all he has passed is a lot of urine and urates, but just the tiniest hint of green solid (I've given him some Trill budgerigar food I had lying around mixed in with some Passwell crumbles). Could it be that he is constipated (but still passing other things?) or just not eating? I have seen him in the seed cup, but not paid much attention to whether he is actually eating or not... His keel does not seem overly prominent to me and there's a good weight to him, but I'm still worried. He seems to me an old bird, he looks to have some kind of growth on one of the opposing limb's foot pads if that is at all relevant. I've handraised Indian Mynahs before, but they are cropless birds, so I have no real idea what I'm feeling for to feel his crop- though I gave it a valiant effort! Did I do okay? Does he need to see a vet again? I'm injured and so out of work for a while, but if he has to go he has to go... He is not very active, but I imagine his leg is somewhat disabling. He seems to get to the food and water cups okay. I'll try and put some pictures in in case they are helpful... apologies for the awful quality, my camera had an accident with a staircase so I only have my phone :-( First off, this is the little cutie The leg, soon after the band was removed A few hours later And the best I could get of the vent area unfortunately, mid clean. The dark spot to the left is the injured area. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks so much if you managed to read all of that!! On a related note- anyone lost a budgie??
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