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  1. [ Thanks Kaz: Here is a link to a picture and story on them. http://serenityviewalpacas.blogspot.com/
  2. Hi I am new to budgies. Bought three a week ago and have already lost one. Was putting in a wattle tree to aviary and the bird got out and flew off tried to get the two of them out today and put in a small cage whilst I did some cleaning but it was impossible for me to get them. The aviary is one bought as a gift from my family as they thought I would like it for my pet cockatiel. AS he is handraised I didnt want to put Billy in there. Aviary is tall,bought from animal tuckerbox and has gtreen colourbond top of roof, wire andthen colourbond on base and part way up. Has a door that I bend down and so squish into avairy but noteasy and no real roomfor me to move.In my opinion they look nice for peopleand so sell but really are impractical. i am also worried about placement of feed bowls. I moved them higher and put in apple etc cut in tiny pieces on top but never saw them eat any. Any advice would be welcomed. Will try and post some pics. Michelle
  3. Hi I have just purchased three young budgies from a breeder. I have an outdoor aviary (given to me by my family a little while back for a birthday gift). They thought it would be good for my hand raised cockatiels, now singular as Bobby flew away just before Christmas . My cockatiel is indoors as handraised, though sometimes outside in a cage when we are out there such as barbecuing etc. I got the budgies seeing I have the aviary which is undercover on the back patio. I only got them today and put them out there. I do have to say it is nearly 9pm now and the three of them are hanging off high up the front (1) and the other two on the side of aviary on the mesh that fronts aviary. I am thinking the perch is not up high enough and this is why they may be doing that? As far as I know Bluey is male (reasonably deep blue colour) and the other two are female. Blossom is green/yellow and Olivia is pale powder blueish/grey. I also have other animals and have only recently ventured into birds, aside from poultry which I have. I hope to breed eventually. All suggestions gratefully received. Michelle
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