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  1. pebbles pebbles pebbles , she is moulting at the moment so i have to take her out of my room ... :(

    1. Jabberwocky92


      Oh gosh! Our birds in the aviary our moulting at the moment, now just waiting for Dalek to start. Any tips for a first time moulter parent?

    2. Hezz


      Keep the broom or vacuum cleaner handy!!! And a spray bottle!!:)

    3. Jabberwocky92


      Yep, got all that. xD He's already started to put white fluffy feathers everywhere. Having to clean my desk every night. ANd my bed when he's been out. LOL

  2. I am really sorry to hear about the loss of Lily

  3. You know what lots of peoples cages have been breaking at the moment it made me think and check mine

  4. school is so bad !!!!! the days just keep on getting worswe

    1. Taboo


      Hang in there amanda, is there anyone at school you can speak to about your problems like a Chaplain? Look after your self, your worth it.

  5. ....pebbles just sits on the same perch day after day only gets off it when getting food or water or when i let her out . maybe its lonely i hope not i dont really want to put her with the other budgie outside :(

    1. *Nerwen*


      bored? any toys or something like fresh leaves to add to the cage?

    2. amanda


      she has lots of toys and there are some natural perches are some leaves :)

  6. ahh so bored not as many people post on here as they used to and any one who signs up logs on once and never comes back we need more members and peoples with problems i know i dont know everything but if i do no something i have already posted it :(:)

    1. amanda


      oops made lots of spelling mistakes :) *know*

  7. This is useless why wont none of the photos i post come up on my posts ????

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    2. **KAZ**


      you are making some kind of mistake in how you are trying to post photos. You cannot upload directly from your pc. You have to upload to photobucket or something like that and then post the img link. I have posted the tutorial in your topic.

    3. amanda


      i have them uploaded to photo bucket but when i put the pictures on then post them the pictures are not there in the post


    4. **KAZ**


      run through the tutorial again Amanda..you are missing a vital step.

  8. i have had pebbles for about a month and two weeks and her cere was crustry brown pink colour and now all up the top of her cere its going all blue !

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    2. nitsuD


      Usually just means she is going out of condition

    3. **KAZ**


      I believe you have a topic going on this ?

    4. **KAZ**


      I believe you have a topic going on this ?

  9. finally have managed to train my budgie she is sitting on my shoulder right now :)

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