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  1. my new aviary arrived yippeeee

    1. stace


      Got pictures yet, Osman?

    2. GenericBlue


      thats really cool mate have fun

  2. are these food safe for birds.......i took this picture from net......just wanted to ask safe or not
  3. i think i'll buy another hen budgie for my cock his hen flew and now he'll find another partner and i think 3 or 4 birds will come more

    1. maesie


      Good luck with your purchase. Don't forget to quarantine!

  4. happy birthday to me.............lol

    1. amanda


      happy birthday

  5. i have to say this really sadly that today my mature female budgie flew away because my cages net was little lose and i didn't knew that =( i was at school

    1. Jabberwocky92


      Aw sweetie, hope none of the others got out.

    2. **KAZ**


      That was a hard lesson to learn about the cage not being quite right.

    3. amanda


      sorry osman im going to check my cage now to make sure that its not lose cause i dont want my bird getting away :(

      i hope for the best you might be able to get a new budgie but who nos the one that flew away might just come back :)

  6. where are Japanese crusted budgies are found and any one of you have have kept or not

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. RIPbudgies


      Actually I didn't know what sex onsman was. Just my bad spelling of which I seem to do a lot lately

    3. osman
    4. **KAZ**


      There are some members on here who have crested budgies. They arent all that easy to get.

  7. sorry for the late reply but it says prevention of stresses ( adaptation vaccination ) prevention of pullet disease ( blue comb ) bacterial enteritis and CRD improvement of performances ( fertility,weight,,conversion rate,egg production)
  8. yup its not time to breed them they are young
  9. osman

    Here I Am

    thanks for your kindness kaz and thanks GB
  10. my all budgies are moulting is this a right month for budgies to moult
  11. yesterday we went to the vet he gave us a medicine for budgies but it was for chickens i asked him that it was for chickens but then he said that u can also give it to other birds so can i give that medicines to my budgies it is a powder which is mixed in water
  12. what soft wood can i choose for my breeding budgies so they can chew what wood is safe for them to chew
  13. what do u give your breeding budgies in food i give them mixture of seeds vegetable and fruits what else can we give them