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  1. Hello, My new English budgie was born on October 15th, so he's about 4 months old. I've purchased him from an English budgie breeder. Even though he's supposed to be an English budgie he looks as tiny as my American budgie and he doesn't seem to get any bigger. I was wondering if theres still a chance of him getting any bigger, like 1,5 times bigger than my American budgie? Thanks
  2. We started doing that and it seems to work. Wee leave him in the cage in the mornings and whenever he makes that annoying noise we cover his cage, and he stays there till he behaves. Hopefully he'll larn from this:) Thank you very much for the suggestion!!
  3. I'll definitely give it a try. Thanks a lot;)
  4. Yeah I think he is calling out for me, but it's a bit problem for my mom when I'm not home, he just doesn't stop. I just hope this is a phase, or I'll need to buy more earplugs:unsure: I know it's dangerous for him to be out of the cage all the time but we're very careful and he flies away if he's on the floor and see us coming toward.
  5. Hello! My bird Tonton is about 11 months old. He's a perfect loving, smart animal with a pretty large vocabulary. He's been very friendly from the first day I brought him home. But my mom being a new retiree spoiled him way too much. He sleeps 12 hours and rest of the 12 hours he's running around free in our home, going to his cage only to eat. He spends his time mostly on our shoulder or on the floor playing soccer or trying to imitate us. Recently in the mornings he started to do a whistle I thought him as a baby (since he doesn't know how to chirp like a bird he only imitates us) He makes the same sound hundreds of times without stopping, it can last for hours. Its he most irritating sound in the world I just dont undertsnad why he started doing that now, and since it's really loud I'm worried about the neighbors. It also started to affect our sleep and mood. He gets more than enough attention and exercise. Can anybody tell me what can I do to make him stop that annoying sound? Please!!!!
  6. Hi! I just put a deposit on my first English Budgie. I'm pretty sure it's a boy but then again I'm not that sure:). Can anybody please tell me if I'm right??? Thanks!!! PS. He/She's about 5 weeks old
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