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  1. This is Disgusting!!! Ellie, do you mind me using the photos on facebook for an anti-neglect for a cause page? I want to make it clear to the world that it is NOT okay to do this :angry:




    Edit: Nevermind, I'll add a link to this :)



    I'd be more than happy for you to use the photo's.

    The more people who see them, the better.

    If people know that what's being shown in the photo is wrong, then progress is being made.


    P.S: I'm going to like that Facebook page of yours. :-)

  2. i can't believe people just watched on as this bird just sat there in obvious distress!

    i wish there were more people like you.


    i don't know much about eclectus parrot's but so far what you've done so far is probably the best that anyone in your situation could've done.

    this is a budgie forum and seeing as though you recently joined, there was definitly no harm in posting on here but you may get some better responses from a forum that talks about a wider variety of domesticated birds.


    good luck!

    keep us posted.



  3. wow, i completely forgot to reply to this!

    it's been a while since i've been on the forum.

    just thought i'd let everyone know that the chick grew up to be a healthy female budgie even after allowing the hen back into the nesting box with her.

  4. (For free, the rat deserves no money to reward this!)


    Just a quick update!


    Tonight I found an ad on gumtree for three budgies.

    Guess whose budgies they are? (Yep, it's him. I can tell because the mobile number is the same).

    Here is a link to the ad:



    I was considering buying the remaining three, not that he deserves any money for them (just like Finnie said!)

    but I do need to consider my other budgies.

    I'm only really looking for one more budgie rather than three, otherwise my aviary will be too crowded.


    Anyway, I just thought I'd pop this on here in case anyone in Queensland/Brisbane feels like attracting some good karma or adopting some budgies.



    Thanks for reading!

  5. So, I don't breed many budgies a year but I'd like to put leg rings on them just for my own benefit of knowing when they were born, etc.

    Where can I buy leg rings?

    Do I have to buy specific ones for a certain type of budgie ie. spangle/pied etc?

    I'd really appreciate the specifics!

    Also, at what age do the leg rings go onto the chicks legs?




  6. Wow that is beyond disgusting :angry: and to get this far it took a while, that just means the previous owner Paid absolutely no mind to the bird(s) probably just threw them some food and water every couple of days :( Mites is easy to catch early on IF the owner pays attention to the birds that is!


    Glad he or she is in good hands now.


    Since he doesn't seem to not what a cuttle bone is You can scrape some of it off on to the foods he does eat that way he'll get the taste of it and this usually helps them to use the actual product itself. and at least by doing it that way you know he's getting some of it until he starts using an actual cuttle bone. because I'm sure he's going to be needing all the calcium he can get to help him recover this ordeal :wacko:


    People like this make me sick And I too would end up behind bars If I had to go back there!.


    as for the veggies just offer them daily and offer them in different ways, Mine love leafy greens that are still a bit damp from me washing them off and hung up (I get yelled at by them If I save them some time and put them on the cage floor :D ) They jump right to them taking a bath on them and eating them and a few try to do both at the same time (that's hilarious to watch)


    for other Veggies I can give all mine corn, green beans, peas etc in a dish they'll eat it all.. Give them Mixed veggies and they either eat around the carrots or throw them out :rolleyes: So I hide the carrots in their birdie bread I make them I use a bag of frozen Mixed veggies - they love the birdie bread so they end up eating carrots w/out even knowing it :)


    I also make mine a mix of Cooked noodles, Brown Rice, a hard boiled egg (or a couple) and then I mash the egg all up and mix it all together in a big mixing bowl and add in mixed veggies (thawed) and stir it all together and give them dishes of it They Love it


    but with this lil guy/gal it may take you a while to get him to eat anything healthy but I'm sure once he starts clearing up and getting better and Just feeling better over all he'll take to new foods easier.


    tell me about it!

    i mean, this little one would've been putting up with these health problems for some time now.

    i just don't understand how some people have no empathy whatsoever!


    i'm going to have give your idea's a go once fungus starts eatting more.

    they sound fantastic!


    thanks for your comment & foodie ideas K&M!


    Good grief. How can anyone let an animal get into that state. The ivermectin should clear it after a while of treatment. As Kaz says, rubbing in a tiny bit of olive oil on the feet and beak may help. I've also heard of putting a drop of dettol or betadine into the oil to medicate it a little to help with any infection.


    Vitamin A rich supplements or foods also may be useful. Apparently Vit A lifts resistance to infection and some parasites. Carrot, sweet potato, chickweed and rockmelon have a lot of Vit A.


    i have no idea.

    personally, i wouldn't be able to ignore something like that growing on my budgie's face.


    this afternoon i greased up fungus' feet & legs with some olive oil.

    they're looking better already - not as flaky and white.


    ty for your comment.

  7. Hi I'm surprised the poor bird lived through the beak treatment without going into shock.


    He must be a tough one to have survived till you rescued it. I think I would have reported it


    & have the other birds confiscated for such cruelty ... Yours ohmy.gif B. J.


    she took the tiniest bit of the end of his beak as she was concerned about nipping the blood vessel.

    his beak is still quite long but the aim of the trim was so he would be able to eat more easily & preen himself.

    you should've seen him preen his feathers.

    he looked like a huge weight had been lifted from his wings :-)

    do you think I should report him?

  8. Last weekend, I found an ad on Gumtree for a free budgie.

    I jumped at the chance seeing as my boyfriend accidentally let out my last budgie, Butters.

    The ad stated that the owner wanted to rehome his budgie for free due to it having scaley face & he not being able to give it the care it needed.

    I thought "Well! Nothing, I shouldn't be able to handle!" and so, I texted the available number and picked up the budgie on Sunday (22/01/2012).

    I drove all the way from The Gap to Wynnum to pick him & and laughed at the fact that he probably wasn't free after using quite a bit of petrol to get there - it didn't bother me though.

    A boy, presumably 16 years old brought out a green and yellow budgie.

    I was so shocked!

    His face & feet were covered in mites & he had an overgrown beak to match.

    I asked whether he had any more budgies (mainly because I was concerned that if he had any more, they may be in a similar condition).

    He said "I have 3 more that I'm trying to sell before I go back to school because I will be be busy" or something like that.

    I assumed that the other budgies were probably healthier than the one now in my bird cage & so I told the boy that the budgie was going to a good home & I left as quickly as I could.


    Here are some photo's I took on the night I bought him home:



    Fungus himself.



    Fungus himself 2.



    Fungus' face.



    Fungus' face 2.



    Fungus' face 3.



    Fungus' face 4.



    Fungus' face 5.



    Fungus' feet.



    Fungus' feet 2.



    Fungus' foot.


    I assume nobody on this forum has ever owned a budgie quite this ill unless they've rescued it.

    If you have a pet, you have a responsibility.

    Neglect allows something as bad as this to happen to an innocent and voiceless animal.

    I texted the boy the next day to tell him that I've never seen a budgie that has looked as ill as Fungus does.

    I said that I'd be happy to take the other budgies off his hands & suggested that he buy some cuttle fish & treat his birds for mites ASAP if he was going to keep them.


    I could've strangled this kid looking back now.

    He appeared not to care that his budgie was in obvious ill health.


    On Monday, I booked an appointment with my local vet, Jenny White.

    She trimmed his beak & told me what medications to use (as I have seen her for my budgies health issues before) that I already had ready at home.

    She also suggested that I give him alot of fresh foods too because he is terribly thin (you can feel his breast bone).

    He is so small & skinny that he looks as though he's still a chick learning to take care of itself.

    So far, I've given him a treatment of Ivomec on the back of his neck & have also mixed up some Ronivet & water for him to consume.

    I also put some lettuce, a stalk of brocolli & a fresh cuttle bone in his cage for him (not that he knows what any of them are).

    He sits on the cuttle bone & avoided the fresh veges as he doesn't know of them as food (I assume).


    Anyway, he's in good hands now.

    It'll be at least 6 weeks before his can join my 4 other budgies in the aviary.


    If you have any tips to help me improve his condition, please let me know.



  9. A wheat bag should do just as well.


    How is your budgie now?


    I think Bec's on the mend.

    I took the light off of her after a couple of days & she seems to be coping.

    Bec has still got vomit stains on the feathers around her beak (I haven't seen her throw up for a few days though), her tail is still bobbing a little bit & she sleeps alot.

    There's definitly room for improvement so hopefully I'll see that within the next week or so.


    Thanks for asking, Stace :-)

  10. Ellie you have done the right thing by taking her to the vet.


    The best you can do is to keep her warm and follow the vet's instructions.


    Best of Luck and let us know how she does.


    Thank you Renee. :-)


    Bec is alive but still not quite herself. I'll just have to see how she goes.


    Fingers crossed!


    Maybe you could get a reptile heat lamp instead of the normal one? I have one and it is much more effective than the usual ones.

    Saved Marigold once.


    Thanks for the tip. ;-)

    What brand/size of heat lamp do you have?

    I'm considering purchasing one.


    Try wrapping a hot water bottle in a towel and placing in the bottom of the cage, with the cover over the cage to keep the heat in. Avian vet suggestion.


    Thanks for the tip, Stace.

    I don't have a hot water bottle so I just kept up with the light.

    Do you think a wheat bag would do the job?

  11. Hi anyone :-)


    This is my budgie, Butters.

    It is between four and five years old.

    Butters' cere has never given me or the previous owner a clear indication of it's sex.

    Can someone please help me?


    Thank you :-)




    P.S: Butter's lived alone with a female for at least four years and they never became close (limited preening & no kissing).

    Also, can someone please tell me what he/she is (pied, albino etc)?


    Links to larger photos:






  12. Hello anyone.


    My budgie, Bec, is very ill.

    She's currently fluffed up & sitting on her perch.

    The feathers around her beak are wet from her vomiting her tail is bobbing (not too aggressively but you can notice it).

    Her poo's are a dark pea green with the normal white part.


    I feel so sorry for her.

    I've taken her to the vet twice in the past two weeks (most recently, yesterday: 25/08/2011)

    I've been treating all of my budgies for trichomoniasis (as they were exposed to Bec) and since yesterday I've been treating Bec with antibiotics for a respiratory illness.

    My vet said she thinks that the trichomoniasis has brought on a respiratory illness.


    Bec is currently sitting in a cage which has an ordinary desk lamp shining on an area in case she'd like to sit under it for warmth.

    I've also partially covered the cage in a sheet (as I do for any caged budgie at night).


    Bec is approximately 7 years old. (Do you think age makes a difference?)


    What should I do next?

    I tear up every time I look at her to see how she's doing.

    Please help me :'-(



  13. Hello everyone!


    If you live in Brisbane, have been looking for Ivermectin & intend to attend the Ekka, I have some great news for you!

    At the "Bird Pavillion", there is raffle at a table with 2 cages on it: one has 2 budgies in it and the other has a cockatiel.

    I mentioned to the man behind the table that I've been looking for some Ivermectin for my budgies & asked if he knew where I might be able to purchase it.

    To my surprise, he is selling it at the Ekka this year & I bought some off of him on the spot - too easy!

    He told me that the best way to use it was to dip a clean cotton tip into the Ivermectin, part the feathers on the back of the budgie's neck & apply one drop.


    To give you an idea of price - it was $12.00 for a bottle about 15cm in height (it doesn't say on the bottle how much it holds).


    I hope this helps anyone & everyone in Brisbane currently looking for Ivermectin for their birdies.



  14. Thanks for the responses everyone :-)

    Much appreciated!


    Mother bird stopped plucking baby bird after I took her out for a few hours.


    Yesterday she popped out another egg with baby bird still in the nesting box!

    Should I allow her to breed again after the whole plucking experience?

    I don't know if she's deserving of any more chickies!



  15. Hi there.


    I was just reading the "For Sale" section & noticed someone mentioned "culling" budgies.

    I would be mortified if I knew someone was killing off their budgies because they're unhappy with the colouration, genetics, etc.

    Can someone set me straight?

    If someone "culls" their budgies, hopefully it means they're going to sell them... right?



  16. Hi everyone.


    My female budgie has been puckling the back & head of her one and only 4 week old chick!

    I don't know if she is still feeding the chick properly either.

    It's stressing me out and I die a little bit inside every time I hear the chick squeak in pain.

    What should I do?


    Thank you!




    P.S I have other female budgies, could they possibly foster the chick even though they aren't currently nesting?

    Should I remove the female and let daddy bird do all the work?

    He's fed the chick before but mummy bird does 90% of the feeding.

    Also, I don't know if this has anything to do with it but I walked out today to find the pair having a morning root.

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