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  1. Hi, thanks for all the advice. Just an update on all my babies (Sneezy,Sleepy,Dopey,Doc, Happy,Bashful and Grumpy). The are all doing so well, the biggest one who we call grupmy is starting to get her pin feathers and the rest are at the developmental stages they should be. my kids love them to death and just want to play with them. it is so exciting watching them grow. both mum and dad are taking turns in feeding them. dad escaped out of the cage the other day (and I don't blame him) he was just happily sitting on my ceiling fan watching the world go by. I told him off and asked him to go back into his cage, which surprisingly he did with a little coax with lettuce. i laugh at the way they all sleep, dopey likes to sleep on top of all the other chicks with his head hanging off the side of them all. just another question, when can i take mum out of the box and let her rest, she is looking good, but i dont really know when to separate the parents from the babies. thanks
  2. My budgies are just pet ones, we are on a big block and made a big aviary out of one of the sheds. We have taken in all the birds that no one wants any more, or doesn't have time for. As i am in training to become a primary school teacher, i thought i would create a lesson on the breeding of budgies for my daughters year 2 class, but i really didn't think that i would get so many chicks . I don't mind having that many chicks, i think it is awesome . I am going to have a go at hand taming a few of them hopefully. At the moment, they are in a cage in my study next to me, but once they have finished doing their "thing", i will put the parents back into the big aviary and keep the babies in the smaller cages until sold and homes found for them. thanks for the advice Erin
  3. This is my first time breeding budgies. I have a pair of budgies that now have 7 babies ranging from 2 hours old to 10 days old. I was just wondering how many is too many. the mum is doing a fantastic job with all the babies, all chicks have full crops, but i was just wondering what the toll will be on her and what to do when the chicks start becoming mobile. any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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