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  1. for december competition: Is it safe to come out??
  2. What great topic to show off these beautiful birds,,,,,, 2nd clutch from YF Cobalt Cock and Light green Hen Before After Lime - Opaline green (very pastel green) Wattle the 2nd - Opaline green Berry - Normal green
  3. Oh my they are just so beautiful, what wonderful colours
  4. The hen is light green and the cock is YF cobalt. Im not sure where the opaline comes from, as from what Ive read the hen and cock do not carry a diluted body colour in their wings, just the normal black and yellow. Im only new to breeding so I hope to be able to answer questions better in the future! In the first clutch I had one opaline but sadly she passed away last week. Here is a picture of dad THis picture gives a better photo of mum & dad markings on their backs 1st clutch Little wattle (RIP) who was green opaline As the new babies grow over the next fe
  5. It is with sadness that my youngest budgie of my 1st clutch has passed away...........wattle was a beautiful girl
  6. It is exactly one month since my 2nd clutch was born. Three again in this clutch and it appears they will all be green at this stage. They are so adorable,,,not long till they fly the coop! I finally got a good picture of mother hen too....I just love her light green colouring
  7. Spot on Finnie! Seems someone is well up with their YF genetics Thanks for all your comments,,most helpful for me in this learning stage. cheers
  8. I have read a few of the colouring topics on colours for beginners,the great YFsymposium etc and at this early stage find it all a bit to hard to digest so as I know the colours of the parents can someone help me by naming exactly what colour the babies are: I got the hen and cock from an aviary with all green varieties and blue budgies. Hen-light green, has blue tail Cock-YF Cobalt, has blue tail All the babies have purple cheek patches and blue tails Here are some pics Budgie 1(green one) is he a YF Cobalt as cock is? Budgie 2-is this a Cobalt? have found over the weeks that he ha
  9. ishtarsands


    Hi,,no they don't and in better daylight I have seen the hen has a blue tail not green at all (so a big apology to other members).
  10. Yes two levels, it was $59 which I thought was a good price as it will last a very long time and has a solid carry handle on the top (photo doesn't show it too well)..
  11. Last weekend I gave my first baby budgie (polly) to my nephew and wanted to transport him safely with as little disruption as possible. I came across a top budgie accessory in a pet shop which I have called "the budgie transporter" and thought I would share it ...