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  1. I actually do use bleach and water. Once it evaporates it is perfectly safe. Of course, I make a weak enough solution so as not to fumigate my bird room if I'm using it indoors. But with the things I can take outside, I make the solution a little stronger, and then I can hose that stuff off and let it dry in the sun. There are other products available. Other people might be able to say what they use. Bleaching and disinfecting have been hot topics in the past, so I hope we aren't setting this up to be re-hijacked! :laughter: Ah okay! So it is safe then, brilliant, I plan on cleaning out an old cage I have so I can use that one for quarantining when I get my 2 hens. And even if it was rehijacked it wouldn't phase me All about the learning experience Finnie! hahaha
  2. Gorgeous bird, Violet?? A couple more of mine: Just a sky blue I believe, I can't see any violet, but since I'm new I'm still learning how to tell the difference between the two colours. The breeder said he was sky blue. And I saw these photos of yours on another thread, I am absolutely jealous Squeak! They're absolutely beautiful.
  3. I absolutely love Texas Clearbody budgies. So this is my beautiful Dante.
  4. These are good quarantine questions, Jack, since we seem to have hijacked this thread into a quarantine topic. And helpful for other people to know. One other thing- when you were done using your kindi cage for a quarantine cage, did you disinfect it thoroughly, so it will be safe for use as a kindi cage again? What sort of disinfectants can you use? I wouldn't feel safe using a bleach to thoroughly clean my cages down. I'd say you'd have different products in the US compared to the products we have in australia, but using general ingredients that they'd have in common. Would eucalyptus oil or something be better seeing as it's natural?
  5. Can't wait to see photos of the chicks from the grey cock x yellow faced grey hen! And I like the shed set up you have. If you don't mind me asking, how much did it cost you to get something like that set up?
  6. They're absolutely gorgeous! You must be proud. I especially love Melon, Elle and Squeaker. They're just beautiful. I'd have trouble telling them all apart. c:
  7. After finding some gorgeous images by Trieste Visier, I've been inspired to get out my Nikon to start some photoshoots of my 3 budgies. If you've got some lovely snaps of your beloveds to show off, please don't hesitate to post. Inspiration would be greatly appreciated! I'd love to see what you guys have come up with in the past.
  8. DO NOT name the breeder on here. If you do, you are leaving yourself open to possible defamation charges. Have your conversation in a pm if you like, but DO NOT publicly state the name. Ratzy, I think you need to be careful what you ask for on here. I was just about to say, I'd prefer not to disclose their name. Because I'm not blaming them. I'd just prefer to do the right thing next time by my birds.
  9. I was able to borrow my boyfriend's cage, then a wooden box. They travelled just fine No stress at all when I got them home, they did really well! But thank you
  10. Thanks Finnie, and haha yeah, I'm a female, but no problem! And as far as me being patient, it's really no trouble at all. You're all teaching me a really important lesson so I'm more than happy to have my thread hijacked! :mallet: It's taught me a lot really. And I'm not laying blame towards the breeder at all to be honest. Should really be blaming my own naiveness because I really should have looked into this first. But I know now, so when I get my next 2 hens I know the proper procedures to take and why it's necessary. As I do want to later get into breeding and showing my own budgies, I really do need to learn these important things. And by you guys helping me and educating me, I can do it the responsible and safe way. So if my thread being hijacked helps anyone else, then great! I'm glad. And for an update, my budgies are still seem to be healthy and well, 2 of them currently chasing with each other trying to each have a turn with the bell I gave them. And the Texas clear body happily sitting on my shoulder chirping away. :question:
  11. I understand that, After looking through other threads about the quarantining, I definitely now have a better understanding. I have monitored them the whole time they've been in together. No change so far. I'm going to get in touch with my vet so I can look into buying some of the products for quarantining, and some more cages to separate my birds and be more responsible this time. Again, thank you for your advice.
  12. I did ask the Bendigo breeder about any sicknesses or bugs they may give to my house budgie, and she said they'd be fine. And the budgie I already had is very healthy and free of any ailments, so I did look into it a little. But next time I'll be a bit more careful, thanks KAZ for bringing this to my attention. I appreciate it a lot. There's still a lot I need to learn. I did learn my lesson when I was around 10 and I gave greens that the family dog had urinated on and I didn't know and I fed it to my previous bird, so I now wash all greens thoroughly and make sure I don't get any greens that come from outside, close around the property.
  13. Ah excellent, so if it's too busy bonding with the other one, he won't show the albino one any affection? I guess this doesn't surprise me too much, he was completely inlove with his mirror until I took it off him too weeks ago so he wouldn't be aggressive when I introduced them all to each other. He's been a single bird for a long time. If I was to add a hen to the older one, and took the other two away, would he bond with her or would he just be more likely to pine for the 3 year old?
  14. (3 year old on the left, 7 year old on the right) Hey guys, So I finally got my 2 new budgies. One being an albino male (a few months old), and the other a Texas clear body male (3 years old). I already have a normal budgie (7 years old) and I decided to introduce the new ones to my older budgie. The older budgie has no interest in the young one, but has REALLY taken to the 3 year old one. Me and my boyfriend have discovered my 7 year old one regurgitates its food up to feed it to the 3 year old one and it's happy to eat it. Why is this?
  15. Ah this is an excellent idea! I wouldn't have thought of the small mouse cage. Thank you so much!
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