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  1. i think posting that stuff was a good idea i didnt know it could get that serious my budgie is moulting a little bit like this one how bad can this be??
  2. wrapping a tape measure around it :rofl:
  3. sorry i cant upload pictures right now i cant find the camera also i must have added the mesurments up wrong because it is 1m 90 around but yer its pretty much the same as the other one. :rofl:
  4. sorry i meant to say 1m 35 round but if they do breed we will be moving them into separate cagesi live in the newcastle area and it has been cold so if its colder do they tend to not breedsorry i have to go i will send you all the other things tomorrow
  5. about 2 m high and 135m around (coz its circle)
  6. yer just the 6 of them but im thinking about getting another girl and another boy
  7. thank you so much i didnt know that i needed more boxes
  8. aviary with 3 boxes most of the birds are about 3 years one of the boys are 2 years though
  9. your birds look great i am going to start breeding budgies any tips i need all the help i can get
  10. can anyone help me i have 3 girl and 3 boy budgies and there not breeding but i really want them to start can anyone help me?? also a happy 2nd b'day to my fav little budgie rexxi hes turning 2 soon
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