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  1. Hi all, I need to know if real Christmas Trees are O.K. to have with our Budgies, I know they will want to investigate it when I put it up. Thankyou
  2. I am sorry, a budgie novice here. My friend was given this bird a few months ago & no history was known. She is very worried about the other comment about scaly face. We have never heard of this. :rofl:
  3. I hope these are better pics, would love to know roughly the age of Jordy. Thankyou
  4. Hi all, it has been a few weeks since being on here. Need help with ageing my friends Budgie. If any one has any idea that would be great. The picture not real good
  5. WOW! they are all just so beautiful, my fav is chick one though.
  6. Thanks for that, she was hoping boy, never mind Aussie is such a pretty bird. She is sitting on our hands & shoulders already, a little bitey though. any idea what kind of budgie she is?
  7. Hi all, need help with a very pretty budgie my Grandaughter picked for her birthday, could you please tell us what you think, Aussie girl or Aussie boy? Thankyou http://i969.photobucket.com/albums/ae174/s...pg?t=1282647193
  8. Judydun


    Welcome you will love this site, great tips & help on everything.
  9. Thankyou, Iwill let her know. By the way you have a great site here, very helpful.
  10. Hi all, could you please help with letting me know if Jojo is male or female, this is my friends bird and she asked me for help. Thankyou.
  11. Hi all again, firstly must fix up spelling miss hap, Sonny Bill is Sunny Bill, sorry. Here is some more pics, hope better ones for you to confirm Male as I was told and what kind? He is really young & still very shy. Thanks.
  12. Hi all only second time on, say hi to sonny bill, a friend for my charlie brown. I have been told he is a he can you confirm this for me please also what kind of budgie he is. He is very young & shy. Thankyou.
  13. Hi everyone, I am a new member & this is my gal (need comfirmation on this?) Charlie Brown having her bath. :angel:
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