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  1. With birds like this i keep them in holding cages as they tend to perish in the big world. As I have wire breeding cages that helps as well.
  2. I have been meaing to get back on BBC for a while. Merry Christmas to all the budgie people out there. Got a budgie mug for Christmas from the good wife. My Budgies have given me my first Mauve baby. Shouldnt have come as a surprise as I breed so many Violets. Had to have a very close look. Really nice. I hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas Jeff
  3. I purchased 2 birds for myself and 11 for a friend in Melbourne. They werent expensive birds. But as Gary said they were far better value at and average of $200 per bird, we paid, that we would buy over east. Thanks to Gary Armstrong, Jan McMahon and Alan Jaeschke for putting such good birds in the Auction. Enjoyable day and delighted with the purchases
  4. I think showing the Lot going under the hammer on the big screen helped a lot.
  5. I think at Henrys Auctions you either go for the older proven breeders or fully investigate the bloodlines. Regarding Lot 102 the Grey Green cock who is pictured the catalogue he is a beauty. He is 2010 rung. His sister Lot 96 had good backskull. Both could have been longer but had the thick neck and backskull. Nice birds. She went for $900. However, their sister Lot 17 also 2010 must went for $100. Nobody cant tell me there isnt something for everyone at these auctions!!!!!! Lot 46 their 2007 mother went for $350. She looked a bit tired but you could see where the quality came from. She
  6. I helped with the phone bidding and did so for a bloke in Victoria who bought a few more birds than me and spent more than I did. That kept me very busy. I always feel quite welcome by the club and it is always nice that people come up and say hello. I thought the overall quality was higher this year. I go with the intention of buying birds I need rather than necessarily the best ones. Anyway thats what I tell myself when I run out of money. The guy I was bdding for knows the birds pedigrees and breeding results inside out as did another chap I know who attended. Watchi
  7. Lot 1 coming to WA plus 5 others. Never much of a Vic crowd at HG Auctions 4 phone bidders with about 20 - 25 birds going back to purchasers in Queensland. Went there with a purpose tp purchase violets and yellowfaces mission accomplished. More details later after some rest and recovery from the Eagles game
  8. Lot 1 is actually a Violet Sky and 4 years old. What considered a fortune for a 4 year cock bird?
  9. I purchased a couple of Violets so I am happy.
  10. Its out and I have it. Anyone super keen can PM me thier email address and I will send it tonight
  11. Mark has advised that the reason relates to spending more time with the family and growing work commitments. Ours is a time consuming hobby. He has rightfully earned his status as a legend. Nice bloke too. I expect the Auction to be BIG. Good luck to him.
  12. Two Clearbodies and a Lute in the name of Jeff Lloyd & sons. No great expectations I am afraid. Just happy to get a Lute in the team after gettig 4th at the selections over the last few years. I went looking for what birds are being judged each day. So, for your information and viewing pleasure: Classes for the Show are: SATURDAY 1. NORMAL A.S.C. GREEN 3. NORMAL A.S.C. BLUE 5. BLACK EYED SELF COLOUR A.S.C. 7. ALBINO
  13. 11 birds in the team Mrs Nubbly. Fair effort that. I enjoyed judgimg with you as well. All the best on the weekend
  14. I had my first bird picked for the Western Australian State team in 1985. I have never lost a bird that has been selected. I dont spend a lot of time training my birds. However, I do house them in a holding cage for a couple of weeks beforehand to just settle them down. On return I quarantine them for say two weeks. Give them some Spark/NV Powder. I dont put them down to breed. If I held them up too long beforehand on their return they will fall apart into a moult that was due in March/April. They would then struggle through the winter trying to recover and most likely di
  15. I agree with Matt. The hobby is a life passion. If people crave fame or fortune through breeding budgies then this will ultimately lead to disappointment. I have been through many cycles in this hobby. Right now I am *** busy often working 12 hour days and my weekends are full with running teenagers around to sport. It is a challenging time of life and I am sure many find it the same. I crave to have my hobby back. Unfortunately, for me I have little choice for now. However, I continue to strive for greater efficiency for managing my birds and still hope to breed the odd good one, Af