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  1. this is a photo of the two who aren't going into their cage, this is a photo of the two that are not caring for the eggs anymore, Thanks for your help. Shifting the cage isn't really an option. I do cover the cage at night anyway and it is too heavy for the cat to really do anything to it. I'll see how i go with the traps. I've heard once they get their foot in one of those they bolt and never come back....
  2. how old are your budgies ? and how have you set the cage up and what kind of cage ? okay thank you very much for your replies. I am worried about the eggs because she was sitting on them then she stopped. She hasn't been laying anymore either since the last one 2 days ago. She started sitting on them after her second egg. I think people should also know that there is a cat in the neighborhood (whom i hate very dearly) that often comes up to sit on the table that the cage is on. I am getting mousetraps to put around the cage to teach it a lesson, hopefully that will scare it off. My point is, does anyone think that it's the cat that may have scared her into thinking the place is no longer safe to raise chicks? As for the age of my budgies, i'm unsure as the breeder i bought them from had no idea. They are, however, mature as their cere's are the proper colour (the males is dark blue and the females, brown and is a little scaly indicating she has increased oestrogen levels). I have another pair of birds in another cage which aren't breeding at the moment (even with a box) but i figure i'll wait until spring and see what happens. As for my cage setup, i wish i knew how to upload photos..... In both cages, the breeding box is in a high place.
  3. okay my female has been laying eggs for the past week. She got to 3 eggs. She missed one day of laying in other words she laid on the third day (egg 4) but she laid it in the food container not the breeding box. I thought that maybe because the cage was covered she couldn’t see where her box was so she just felt around and found the food container. I noticed she wasn’t sitting on the eggs anymore though so i put the one in the food container in the breeding box. She went in to sit on all four of them for a bit and has now left them completely. This was yesterday. Today she hasn’t sat on them at all! And she is scared of me now (as she did when she wasn't laying eggs) and not protective of her box like she used to. The male has been acting a bit weird. I notice him fertilizing the perches quite a bit but never the female. I have seen them in the box together but i'm pretty sure they don't mate. The male also has problems flying and maybe this makes it difficult for him to stabilize himself on her or something. Is that the only way that birds mate though? Can the male just fertilize the eggs after they are laid? I think it's either the male or the weather or the fact that i put the egg from the food container in the breeding box. The reason i say weather is because it's now getting into winter and a bit colder (Brisbane, Australia). Maybe she figures that they won't survive even if they were to hatch or something. Should i take the eggs out or should i leave them a few more days? I'm so sorry to anyone who's offended by anything wrong i've done but this really is my first time with this. Thanks for your help in advance.
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