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  1. Have a few computer problems at the moment so a bit stop/start. The other noteworthy detail on these critters is that the mottle is not confined to the chest. The wings and the head bars are mottled also from white, through pale yellow to golden. Will attach picture when the 'puter comes back from hospital or take another. Cheers Steve
  2. Kaz, The cocks have just completed their first moult. I may be wrong but in the past this has sorted them out. I have had green birds with blue bellys which have usually gone after the first moult. These guys have started as typical golden face and the mottle has increased through the moult. The picture I posted is the final result after the moult. You will have to allow me some leeway, being colour blind, but the picture shows green mottle, not the aqua you may expect. Their mother is not mottled and never was. She has matured with a blue belly and the aqua chest. These things never stop fascinating me. Will see if I can get a picture of the three of them and their mother. I feel YF is the most unexplained of the lot. Steve
  3. For what it's worth from a self confessed novice - Golden face has to be a different type? If you breed Lutino the addition of the Dark Factor leads to that rich golden colouring. Paired to Light Green / Lutino you can get a pale colouring. So explain Golden Face Sky Blue? No dark factor? Am I off target? Steve
  4. I'm almost sorry I asked! The hen is what I have been calling Golden Face Sky blue. The thing is that she is sky blue on the belly fading to aqua on the chest. I am obviously confused as I have always believed mutant 2 to be the aqua colour and mutant 1 to be blue with a yellow face. These birds fall somewhere between my thoughts. She was produced from a Goldenface Recessive Pied Grey Hen and a Normal Cobalt cock. The cock she was paired to was normal grey split cinnamon. The siblings from the nest, first time I have ever had 7 successfully raised in the one nest are as follows: 3 x Goldenface Cocks - all the same as the picture = mottled. 2 x Grey Cocks 1 x Cobalt Cock 1 x Cinnamon Sky Hen One of the grey cocks and the cobalt have 'pied patch' on the back of the head. I put them back together last week and they have produced their first egg today. I will be interested to see results. Will see if I have a picture of the hen. In the meantime I have some reading to do. Cheers Steve
  5. Hi Nubbly5New to this site and found this thread informative. I have never really taken the time to learn the Y/F genetics so looks like I'm in for a bit of reading.I have attached a picture of a Y/F from last season. Got three in the nest all similar. Instead of an even colour they are mottled.Not sure what label to give them. After opinion.CheersSteve Can't see the picture so trying again CheersSteve
  6. Thanks Amy. My fav spangle is a yellowface gray. Currently paired to my best cobalt. Hoping for good things this year as they missed their first season. Hatched young but they got no further than a day or two. Hoping they will be more experienced this year. Still finding my way around here but will get there. Cheers Steve
  7. No unfortunately. Should have made an effort. After some nice Dom Pieds. Only have one at the moment.Need to move a few on before I can add to the collection.Hi MaesieThanks for your welcome. Looks like we have a lot in common.I love furniture restoration and would kill for that meat safe.Also took some time to over Christmas to organise bags of stamps in some sort of logical order.Also own a printing business so bookbinding is something I know a little about.Of course there is the Budgies and I am also a keen gardener.
  8. Thanks Kaz. There will be pics at some stage so will check out the link. The avatar is of my fav spangle with a little photoshop work. Cheers Steve
  9. Thanks Budgie Boy. Member of the Pied Society as well. Finding my away around the site and should soon be comfortable.
  10. You Mexicans are all the same!Thanks for the welcome.Will find my way around soon enough and hope to be a regular. You Mexicans are all the same!Thanks for the welcome.Will find my way around soon enough and hope to be a regular.Whoops. Reply went to the wrong spot.Looks like I need to display my L platesHi anyway Perequito
  11. New to this site, though I don't know why it took so long to get here. I am Steve. Bred budgies in my teens / twenties. Lost interest due to time, kids, work etc Looking for a hobby in my forties and away I went back into the world of budgies. Still time poor but making it work. I have around 50 birds of varying quality. 12 breeding cabinets in my bird room / shed. Outdoor aviary and some holding cages. I am a member of two societies but don't have time to go to meetings or show. The birds are all colours / types but I am leaning towards Lutinos, Yellow Face and Mauve at this point. Have just put 8 pairs in the cabinets. 2 for Lutino, 2 for Spangles, 3 for Yellowface and 1 for mauve. More to discuss later so I look forward to meeting you all. Budgie
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