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  1. Listerene worked a treat it reduced the swelling and my friend was able to remove the ring.
  2. Thanks Bad Hair Day, that is unusual i'll text her and let her know. I'll be going to her house later on today will let you know how she goes. Many Thanks Libby.
  3. I was visiting a friend today and noticed a bird with a really bad swollen leg.It's so badly swollen that you cannot even see the bottom of the ring.She has taken it inside and bathed it in vinegar and water,and has applied and antispetic cream but we were wondering is there anything that will help reduce the swelling fast so she can cut of the ring. Thanks.
  4. Have been watching the live feeds this weekend,there are some very nice birds. Maybe one day i'll be lucky enough to have breed a bird to go to the nationals. :fingerscrossed:
  5. All i can say is WOW you are doing a fantastic job Splat
  6. Wants to wish Catherine a very Hppy Birthday,and i hope you had a fantastic day.

    1. JimmyBanks


      And so say all of us! :D

  7. I'll put in my order for 8 boxes thanks Adam;)
  8. Thanks Adam and Finnie,nothing sinister happend to the dog she was 16 years old and time caught up with her.She'll be missed.
  9. Thanks Jimmy,been a bad day today apart from the chicks my dog died today
  10. Oh Sunnie,i think i can her that chick saying he wants to come live with me:)
  11. Well the borrowed chick did'nt get fed and was returned to Sue's, and when i checked this morning the hen had pecked holes in the last two eggs and killed them,she has been removed from the cage and will be returned to the avairy in a couple of weeks.
  12. okay latest update: Yesterday chick 4 hatched and again wasn't fed by this morning so i have fed it and it has been fostered to a hen at the lovely Sue's house.She has lent me a 4-5 day old chick to see if that will stimulate her to feed. Chick 1 fostered but died Chick 2 didn't survive hatching Chick 3 fostered Chick 4 fostered with 2 eggs still to hatch So fingers crossed she starts to feed this borrowed chick.
  13. libby66


    Very very nice Sunnie,love the oldest fallow chick:wub:
  14. Hi Robyn,she had another chick hatch yesterday sometime between me fostering the first chick and me doing a late afternoon nestbox check.This one didn't get fed either so has been fostered as well,she has 3 more eggs to go so i'll keep you updated as to weather they get fed or not.
  15. okay so i fed the chick again at 6.30 this morning and it now has an empty crop, it is crying for food should i feed it again or give the hen more time to work it out and how long do i keep on feeding it before seeing if i can foster it to another breeder i know who has younger chicks than me. Sorry to be a pest with the questions but this is my first time breeding show budgies and never encountered this problem with my pet types before.
  16. up to 8 hours for a strong chick sometimes twelve but id feed before night then leave with her just bit yogurt plain Hi GB thanks for answering,i don't have any plain yoghurt but i have handrearing formula can i use this? I finally found Kaz article about caring for chicks in the nest and i can use handrearing formula so i'll give it a couple more hours and if it's still not feed i'll do it.
  17. I have a hen that with her first round didn't feed her first chick that hatched and it died.Then two days later threw her eggs out the nest which had chicks in some of the eggs.Well between 5.00pm and 5.30pm today the first of her second round chicks hatched and still hasn't been feed.How long can i leave the chick before intervening and giving him a feed? fostering is'nt an option as all other pairs are on eggs and aren't due to hatch until 1/11 and other chicks are aged between 3 and 4 weeks old So any help most appreciated.
  18. Well done Squeak,regardless of the lack of competition you put in the hard yards to succesfully breed these birds and deserve the trophies:) Off Topic, i hope your Tiel is okay,we have a fantastic new member on TT who might be able to help with your Tiel Just found out i'm going to the meeting tonight so hope to meet you guys.
  19. Thanks for asking but little Bing died last night. And i'm pleased you didn't come away empty handed,At last weeks meeting they were discussing the lack of birds that would be ready for this show and trying to come up with alternatives,mayby by next year the powers that be will have a solution.
  20. Hi Sunnie how did you and Squeak do today?
  21. Good luck tomorrow Sunnie,might see if i can make it but i have a very ill baby tiel at the moment so i'll see what he's like in the morning as to weather i can go.
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