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  1. I don't think its scaly face but if you are worried rub a little Vaseline [petrolium jelly] over the area. Cheers Clearwing
  2. Sounds to me like you might have a hen, they can be nasty. Cheers Clearwing
  3. Some nice stock there Kaz, we'll have to watch WA National results in the future, with all these birds going West. Cheers Clearwing
  4. Nice purchase Jeff, I hope she won't only see clearbodies, as she looks like an excellent outcross for other varieties as well, particularly normals. Cheers Clearwing
  5. clearwing

    I'm Baaack

    Hi welcome back, your birds look good. I think you should ask the breeder if he has a mate for vomity pie, as the hen you have is [a] too young not as good a quality as he is. Just a suggestion, I wish you luck. Cheers Clearwing
  6. Really like the graygreen hen, but IF the Cinnamon lightgreen is a cock ? he is way out of condition. Cheers Clearwing
  7. Illegal!?! As is disqualification/penalising or as in against the law ( ) Just sounded funny. Trsut me, I won't be fiddling to much. I use the word illegal as disqualification refers to the bird being disqualified, however if the breeder/exhibitor breaks the rules [ illegal] the exhibitor can be banned from exhibiting, I've seen people banned for up to 5 years.
  8. A word of warning, it is actually illegal to cut feathers on a show bird, so if your going to do it you'd better be very good at it, I must admit I pull some of the larger spots and trim off the smaller ones.
  9. You can try removing blood with a little toothpaste and a tooth brush. A tip for removing spots , start at the cheek patches and work your way into the centre its easier to identify the main spots that way. To clarify the missing feathers birds missing flights are penalised, as are birds missing a tail feather. Birds missing both tail feathers are disqualified. Cheers clearwing
  10. Hi Shannon, is it just thephotos or are the clearwings uneven in body colour, they appear lighter in the top half of their bodies and darker arround the rump, I hope its just the flash as its a hard one to correct. Other than that you've done well birds look good. Cheer Clearwing
  11. Hi Dragonslayer, welcome back to the hobby. In answere to your question, yes, budgies will chew through plywood. The solution may be to paint the ply internally [with water based paint] to deter chewing and maybe put the wire or iron sheets on the outside for protection. Also yes, rats and mice will chew through asphalt, maybe you could put a marine ply floor in. Cheers Clearwing
  12. Nice Choko Splat, for those of you who don't enjoy cooking, Chokos are great in curries as they take on the curry flavor. Splat gave me some this year and they were yummy although I didn't get to eat the whole bag full. Cheers Clearwing
  13. Fishing and budgies! Your son is sure to grow up to be a good bloke! Well done Matt, cheers Clearwing
  14. Welcome to breeding better quality budgerigars, it has been my experience over 50 breeding seasons, the better the bird the harder it is ti breed with. No top quality breeder I know would ever get 50 chicks from 4pairs. Eg. I use about 20 pair to breed about 100 chicks per year. Don't be discouraged keep looking for the good ones, I,d rather have 10 good chicks than 200 lesser quality. Cheers Clearwing
  15. I have used rawleighs as well and it also would be fine, the idea is to suffocate the mite. Cheers Clearwing
  16. Rub Vaseline over all the affected areas every second day for 10 days this will suffocate the mite and the scale will drop off. Or you can use Aloe Vera leaf {the juice thereof] but its best prepared as a spray. Cheers Clearwing
  17. I don't know where you live Dave, but a word of warning, Years ago I had a similar shed. I caught up my show team to prepare for the March Diploma shows and went off to work. It turned out to be a really hot day and several birds died under the sky light as it magnifies heat. I eventually rigged up a blind which I closed across the sky light in summer. Just a word of warning but the shed looks good cheers Clearwing
  18. Hi Splat, yep it looks like a mop to me as the tail shafts appear too short for a chick that age. Cheers Clearwing
  19. Yes it is normal. Its more like the breast feathers open up to allow the skin to make contact with the eggs to add boby warmth for incubation. Cheers Clearwing
  20. Why not join a club and get rings and other help you may need there. Check BCV website for details of club location. cheers Clearwing
  21. Don't worry sounds normal, when sitting on eggs hens often appear to lose chest feathers. Its part of the incubation process. Cheers Clearwing
  22. Well Done! That looks great GB. I'm sure you'll breed plenty of great birds in there cheers Clearwing
  23. One of our most successful breeders in Victoria years ago was Mr Brian Dadd, Brian was a baker, his birds were given as much bread and buns as they could eat. Cheers Clearwing
  24. I agree with RIP Budgies comments, in nature they will breed at a very young age, and yes we have imposed the breeding age not the birds. But I am concerned that hens 8-10 weeks old my injure themselves laying eggs. I may collect the nest egg and place it under one of my feeder pairs, just to see if they are fertile. Cheers Clearwing
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