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  1. Robyn, if the hen has laid soft shell eggs, don't continue to breed with her, give her a rest and let her moult through again befor re-pairing. She needs time to replenish her calcium levels and rest. cheers Clearwing

  2. Doesn't look like a problem, dip the tail in a glass of hot water and straighten feathers between your fingers, when it dries it will be fine cheers Clearwing

  3. How about you post photos of the bird not in a group.


    PS iris rings make it very clear its dommie pied not recessive.

    If you are talking about the 3rd bird along that perch then yes its also yellowface, and YES you do get yellowface blue birds. You may be confusing the fact that all green budgies have a yellow face but that doesnt make them yellowfaces if you get my drift :)


    The two birds to the right appear to be goldenfaces


    Simple check out the birds eye, if it has/gets a white iris then its dom pied if it doesn't its rec. pied. cheers clearwing

  4. Place the leg in iced water for a few seconds, making sure the foot is totally clean, then pull the ring on. be brave you may graze the middle[fat part] of the foot, but it will heal in two days. I have done this many times even with chicks that have left the nest and are perching. This is NOT braking any rules as the rule states "the bird must be owner bred and rung" cheers Clearwing

  5. Congratulations SPLAT, winning Champ bird at the Victorian UBC sheild today { for those not from Victoria this is our main and premier UBC show} well done just shows hard work and dedication pays off and you don't need to be a millionaire. Cheers Clearwing

  6. Dave I have an outstanding Cobalt cock who developed an Adult French Moult [if there is such a thing] anyway he has no flights or tail, yet he breeds very well and does not pass the condition onto his young. He is one of my best cock birds. The secret is to make sure he is in peak condition when I pair him up. Hope that gives you hope, cheers Clearwing

  7. Well my road trip to Sydney is over, so as I had posted on this forum that I would be there, I thought i'd share my thoughts.

    Firstly WOW my congratulations to Mark, I have never seen that number of quality birds for sale at one time let alone all from one breeder.

    Secondly, I believe Budgerigars in Sydney make more money than Budgerigars in Victoria. It was interesting to me that the auctioneer set the tone of the day when he opened the bidding on lot one at $500, in Victoria we often open the bidding at $20 or $100 for a better bird.

    Thirdly it appeared that syndicates had been formed by states or clubs to buy Marks birds.

    As for myself, did I buy any birds?

    I like many of you have never had a lot of money to invest in Budgerigars, but I love this hobby and over my fifty years of breeding I have had a fair share of success. I give my birds away in an effort to increase membership at our local club, having given away over one hundred birds this year.

    I decided [with my wife's approval] to make an investment that would hopefully take my birds to the next level. But as I sat in the auction room and bird after bird raced to prices I was not prepared to pay, I made an agreement with my mate, that we would buy a bird each, he would buy a hen, I would buy a cock. We decided which of Mark's families we wanted and bought a suitable pair, we will now breed with this pair and hopefully in 12 months have 20 Chidel birds between us.

    This is a great hobby full of wonderful people, one of our club members came with us on the trip to Sydney just to help with the driving, he is a new begginer with a young family, he had no intention of buying anything, but was a great help. You can be assured his kindness will be remembered.

    PLEASE people stop winging about what others have and enjoy YOUR birds and this great hobby.

    Cheers Clearwing

  8. Tonight the birds in my aviary are feasting on Crispy skin roast duck, I cooked it for dinner tonight [ it was yummy] after removing the breasts and thighs I hung the rest on a hook in the flight. I often give them a chicken carcass so why not a duck. I have often thought about how if a bird dies in the flight, they often chew it to bits by the time I find it, this has made me think should we feed them more meat. Has anyone ever fed raw meat, I am considering trying beef spare ribs. Any thoughts?

  9. I think over the years I've tried every possible combination of cages and nest boxes. Last year i gave away all my malimine cages and have gone to all wire with external nest boxes. Why: because I can and it makes absolutely no difference to the birds, if anything I have a little better breeding results in the wire cages, numbers wise. But the truth is IF the birds are in top condition they will breed anywhere. I have a friend who had a hen [good show bird] raise a clutch of chicks on the floor of his outdoor avairy. Cheers Clearwing



    Are you planning to buy clearwing?

    yes,I'll make a flying trip to Sydney about 9 hour drive, with a mate to share the driving. Would be gret to get a pair or two. Cheers Clearwing

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