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  1. Has organized a visit to sunnie's place! Looking forward to seeing her birds!

    1. rachelm


      Oh you lucky thing :-)

    2. Sunnie


      Was lovely to meet you Adam, I hope I didnt talk your ear off and you found your visit interesting :)

    3. buick_87


      Thanks Tracy. Was great! You have some very nice birds! Thanks again!

  2. why cant I read my pm's from my iphone app?

  3. My prize cock has produced the goods finally! 2 pinkies today!

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    2. splat


      congrats on your pinkies. Do you have any pics of your prize cock.

    3. buick_87


      I may have got a little excited, he is my best cock not prize cock. haha yeah he is in my flock section, cinnamon cobalt.thanks guys

    4. **KAZ**


      great news !!!

  4. Is going to my first BSSA meeting tonight

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    2. **Liv**


      I didnt make it last night... I hope to meet you all next month =D

    3. buick_87


      Had a great time thanks. Met some great people and learnt alot! Will be joining up for sure!Sue was great and very helpful!

    4. Sunnie


      Glad you enjoyed it and I look forward to meeting you at the next one :)

  5. Needs help with uploading photos! Htm code or IMG code?

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