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  1. Cheers. Just thought I might as well check.
  2. Don't want every body to think that all pet shops are evil. We have a lovely one where all they really care about is the animals, not the profit.
  3. don't know wether It's natural but mell has a sore looking cere. wondering if there is something i need to do about it. i've got some pictures . help and advice would be much appretiated.
  4. Thanks. Was afraid I'd done something or there was something wrong with her. I didn't realise they molted so often. Put my mind at rest a bit.
  5. My 8 month old budgy, mell, has been acting strangly latly. Before she was extremely tame (only with me) and she would respond when I talked to her by coming to the front of cage and tweeting. She came out on to my hand every day for a couple of mins and playful nibbled at my hands, but had never bit me badly. Just over a week ago though she started making squawking sounds, not responding to me, biting badly and will not come on to my hand. The only actual change is that it is White out side the window where it snowed but I don't think that will make any difference.
  6. i'm not very good at talking so i whistle random mixtures of notes. she seems to pay attencion and it gets her whistling to
  7. I think she is. Her feathers are tipped with brown. She didn't move for a hole day (she came from a room with about 100 budgies in) and then all of a sudden she lit up and within 5 days of me having her she will go onto my hand
  8. here are some pictures of my new budgie mell
  9. how lovely. hope you and Buzby have a long and enjoyable relationship. my budgie died the other week and i'd like another one soon because i don't like the quiet in my room. i'm going to do a mass clean and redecoration of my room before i look for another budgie as that would probably more sutible to a young bird. good luck with buzby. mike..
  10. i lost pimms at a young age last week of what we think was heat related (not to sure but the only explaination) she was my only budgie and i was making great progress with training her and teaching her to say her name. heres anouther picture of her.
  11. Hehe. Bob is a good name. And inventive.
  12. My lovely girl is called pimms. A day after I bought her and hadn't named her yet, my dad let me have pimms ( the drink) and Made a nice coctail with limes and lemons and cucumber and noticed it was the colour of my new budgie so that's why I called her pimms. May I reckomend using unisex names as if you later find out it's not the gender you thought it could be weird. Feel free to use pimms if you like.
  13. I hope it's okay to keep a budgie in you room. Pimms has been in my room for almost a year and seems very healthy and friendly
  14. i think im confused to. about two months ago i discovered, thanks to people on this forum, that pimms is a female. the other week i was talking to pimms and then out of the blue i thought 'do female budgies lay eggs without males?' if they do how will i know whether she was laying an egg and what should i do? sorry for any confusion
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