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  1. Hannah

    Bell Warning

    Wish I knew about this sooner, poor little Nibbles died because of this. It disgusts me that people sell bird toys that are toxic to birds
  2. haven't been on for ages! love the new site :)

    1. ~The Netsta!~

      ~The Netsta!~

      Glad you like it!

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is to lose a budgie that is so close to your heart May he rest in peace.
  4. Hannah

    Goodbye Nibbles

    Thank you Not a day goes by without me missing him so much. I still can't beleive that I'm never going to be able to give him a kiss or play with him anymore
  5. I agree. When Nibbles was sick and we took him to the vet, the vet gave us 10 different supplements that costed us over $100, and then when my mum told him that he was a very fussy eater, he said "Oh no, he'll love this". Yeh right. He wouldn't touch the stuff, and I don't blame him, it smelt terrible and I doubt it tasted very nice either. & Also we read up on kidney and liver failure and it matched Nibbles symptoms, and when we took him to the vet to get his opinion, he said "Oh no, he can't be sick, he doesn't look sick"! We're talking about a well trained highly regarded avian vet tell us that he will only judge if he is sick or not on how her looks! He should know that birds are very good at hiding their illnesses, and he should of taken what we said about him having weird droppings, sleeping a lot etc into consideration and not just chuck us out of the room and getting us to hand of $55 for 5 minutes of his time. And maybe if he had tested Nibbles, and taken what we said into consideration, he'd still be alive Vets always seem to think they know best, but the truth is they don't. Sometimes you need to just ignore the vet and do what you feel is right :wine So don't let them vets boss you around. We know what’s best for our pets!
  6. Hannah

    Goodbye Nibbles

    I made it on Adobe Photoshop CS3
  7. Hannah

    Goodbye Nibbles

    Thank you. It'll be 1 month since his passing tomorrow. Still isn't easy without him; I spent a good majority of my day crying yesterday. I really needed to be able to cuddle up to him for some comfort after having fight with my family, but he's not here anymore so I couldn't I'd trade the world just to have him back
  8. Hannah

    Goodbye Nibbles

    Thanks. Sad day today. Not only was it 1 week since he died, but it would of been 4 years to the day that we got him
  9. Hannah

    Goodbye Nibbles

    Thank you both The song doesn't really mesh, but it is his favourite song, so I wanted to use it no matter what.
  10. Hannah

    Goodbye Nibbles

    Thank you GB. I spent today making this in memory of Nibbles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxwhKgqU_tw It went a little pixelly when I uploaded it unfortunatley
  11. Hannah

    Goodbye Nibbles

    Thanks everyone for your sympathy, it's much appreciated. We burried him today, with a few of his favourite toys, a picture of me and him and a note from all of us. I miss him so much :rofl: I loved him more than anything in the whole entire world.
  12. Hannah

    Goodbye Nibbles

    Thank you! I still cant quite get my head around it, it's going to take awhile to get over this pain
  13. Nibbles past away in the comfort of me and the rest of my family last night. He was very weak, and his little heart couldn't keep up with him anymore 13.3.06-26.4.10 :rip: I love you so, so much Nibbsy You were the best thing that ever happened to me. And now that you're gone, I'm so lost. You were my best friend, and I could always count on you to be there for me no matter what. You were such a trooper. You deserved a longer life, I'm sorry. I'm sure you had a good life for the time you were well. You were the best budgie ever. You will never be forgotten by anyone; you'll be in our hearts forever. You were so beautiful, and you had the best personality. I miss you so much my darling boy. Life is not the same without you.. I miss your cheaky face and chasing you across the floor when it's time for bed I miss you chatting away in your cage- 'hello', 'good boy Nibbsy', 'kiss kiss' I miss your everything I'm not ready to say good bye, and I never will be, but I know I have too Fly high Mr. Fatty, fly high. Eat everything you want to eat, do anything you want to do. We we'll meet again one day darling, I promise. Mum, Dad, Laura and Hannah miss you so much, and we all love you. Goodbye Nibbsy Goodbye.. :hug: I love you with all of my heart! I will be making a memorial video on the weekend, and I'll post it here for you all to see.
  14. Thank you guys. I miss him so much
  15. He died on me last night. He couldn't walk, so he cuddled up near my shoulder. His little heart was beating so fast.. and then it gave way. I miss him so so much :emoticon112: You were the best budgie ever Nibbles. I loved you more than anything little guy :hug: I will never stop loving you, never. Fly high baby, eat all the green grass you want, and one day I will see you again, I promise. I will make a thread in the memorium sections later. I can bring myself to do it now. Thank you all for the support
  16. He doesn't need surgery. The things he has can't be cured by surgery, and I think it would be to late for that anyway Plus, a lot of budgies don't make it through surgery. He's still hanging in, but he is so weak. He tried to climb to his favourite spot in his cage, and my mum nearly had to help him up because he was struggling so much.
  17. Well, he is still with us, but no better. We decided to give him another day.. the only vets open today were 24 hours emergency vets, and they said they don't have anyone that specialise in birds. We want him to be put to sleep by someone that knows what he is doing- holding him etc. We also would rather him die at home, in the comfort of his family, not in the hands of a stanger. So now we wait.. If he is still with us in the morning, but still poorly, mum will take him to an avian vet with my sister. I wish I could go, but I have a exam so I can't
  18. Thank you I think we are going to put him to sleep, he doesn't deserve to die and painful death. He doesn't deserve any of the things he has been through
  19. Thanks Maesie. The vet isn't open today, so if we do anything, it will have to wait for tomorrow... if he even makes it to tomorrow. All he's doing is just sitting flufffed up with his eyes closed, nothing else. It's heart breakening.
  20. Thanks guys He's still not good this morning, droppings are the same, and he is fluffed up and sleepy I hope he's not in pain.
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