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  1. Thanks I am probably not ready to breed budgies and I might not be for a while.
  2. Hi This is the first time I have attempted to breed my budgies and it is not going well. It semmed to start fine, each budgie looking through the nest boxes and choosing which box suited them best. Then they started to fight. Not much just a bit and there was no blood. But the fights gradually got worse. Today one of my hens was bleeding badly all over her body and in one of her eyes. She was the one who laid the first egg. She laid it 2 days ago and has been incubating it. But today she was attacked and kicked out of her nest box. Her egg was eaten too. The budgie who kicked her out has been attacking almost every other budgie in the aviary except her mate. The 2 nest boxes that were not ocupied were taken over by mice. There was mouse poop and hair in both of them. I have set 2 mouse traps in the aviary (traps that cant harm the birds) with peaunut butter as bait but the mice never get trapped in them. I have taken the nest boxes out to stop all this but I am worried that any budgies that are about to lay eggs wont have anywhere to lay them. Should I put the nest boxes back in? I really need some help!!! Thanks
  3. Angus09

    R.i.p Jackie

    No, she wasnt on antibiotics. PS Thanks for deleting the repeated topic I posted
  4. Angus09

    R.i.p Jackie

    She had an infected leg which was healing just fine untill afew days ago. It started to swell up again and in 2 days she died. :laughter: Does anyone know why it would just swell up again after it was almost healed :rofl:
  5. I dont think there is any major improvement yet but her leg is definatly less swolen. She was sleeping on the ground yesteray and had lots of poop stuck to her bottom but I cleaned that off and she seemed happier after that. It was $60 for the treatment. I really hope she recovers.
  6. I took her to a vet today. The vet specialised in birds but also treated other animals so he was not exactly an avian vet. Her leg was'nt broken, just cut and very badly infected. He gave her a needle with some sort of infection fighting medicine. The vet said she should have a full recovery in 2 weeks. Thanks everyone for all the help.
  7. Thanks everyone I never thought it was that serious. I will try and get her to the vet tomorrow.
  8. One of my female budgies has a funny leg. Her toes are swollen and she is not using them. Her leg is very swollen and has a large red and black painfull looking lump on it. Since she got this problem she is not moving much, has heavy breathing and poo stuck around her bottom. Any help would be good. Thanks
  9. Hi My name is Angus, I am 13 years old and have just started breeding budgies. I have 10 budgies, 2 bourkes parrots and 5 quail in an outdoor aviary. I am not breeding the bourkes parrots because they are both males. I'm looking forward to getting some tips from this website. :thankyou: Thanks
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