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  1. WOW! talkin about organisation!!! it seems hard to understand thoough....
  2. I agree baby birds tend to do this quite often. How old is he?
  3. kaz, everyone here knows you are a very good budgie breeder and understand what they do or dont like. i mean, if you put pepper on the bird and you saw the bird screeching or something like that, with all your experience, im sure youd realise what you did was wrong.....
  4. okay firstly the signature picture is quite big lol i think someone will fix it up for you however your birds mutations and gender left budgie : hen middle guy: cock right bird: hen at a young age boys will have a bluish pink cere and girls have a whitish blue cere which eventually turn brown. note that the middle budgie is a recessive pied and it will always have a pink cere with a tinge of blue around the nostrils except for a full on royal blue all over.
  5. Pip is definetly a female. young hens tend to have a whitish blue cere as a baby however after a few months they turn nut brown
  6. well obviously i ahvent been on lately....by the time i finish my homework half my brain is already in dreaming mode.... but this is still going... recently at the markets i sold 11 (!) of my pet type budgies that werent needed..that was good... my quail quincy died and one of my other birds but its okay... on a happier note, today i received a folder in the mail with my new stuff from SWBC I was so excited! there was a membership card, some boooklets on club rules, the constitution, and show rules, a magazine just explaining thouroughly club information, and mating tables etc, plus a 18 day breeding chart which im going to photocopy tonight i will read thorugh it thorougly... also im getting some sort of breeding cages off ebay im a happy chap now
  7. Looking through what you said renee, its a quiet interesting perspective you put it in.....for a beginner like me. Practice, understanding what it means for the future in a way, what it means to have support and help. I dont want to breed birds and have hundreds..i .dont expect that...just a few there in the avairy...
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