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  1. You guys have some beautiful birds. Neville, are they your babies? Did you breed them all? They are gorgeous. Cory, Snowflake is adorable!!!! My daughter loves her as she's fluffed up. Trish, Frangipani is cute and your other budgies are lovely too.
  2. Updates on Joey, Fidget and Firefly. I'm guessing I have 2 females and one male. Joey and Firefly are girls and Fidget is a boy. Fidget is the olive looking one and Firefly and Joey are green. If you have any suggestions as to what they are I would appreciate it immensely. Thanks
  3. That's very sad Kaz but interesting all the same. I'm guessing it wouldn't happen (having twins) too often though, would it? I'm very sorry it ended that way :emoticon112:
  4. Thanks Kaz, How do you know these things? I thought you had to wait a bit longer to tell. I mentioned before that dad was a violet spangle but I have found out since that it was my cobalt spangle who did it!
  5. Some of the pics are a bit blurry, sorry. Kaz, can you tell if they are male or female yet? Mum and Dad
  6. Hi all, this is an update of Marglo's babies, all three are doing very well and Marglo and Cornelius are fantastic parents.
  7. Thanks Kaz, now I know what I'm looking at. You learn something new every day on here....it's great.
  8. Will do Kaz, thanks. What did you mean by eye colour? What colours can you get?
  9. This is the best picture I have so far.
  10. Good news......I can still type, so she didn't bite my fingers off! She was very compliant. Both babies are fine, with full crops and what looks to be black eyes (not sure what other colours there are). I did get some pics but were too blurry. I'll try again later. I have used rolled oats and she has scraped some of the wood from the bottom of the box to use as nesting material. All seems to be going well so far.
  11. Thanks Kaz.......Reading it now. i will go and check then tell you what colour eyes they have......assuming I have fingers left to type with
  12. Kaz, I'm a bit hesitant to interfere too much as this is my first time breeding budgies since I was a child. I'm worried that if I go near her and her babies too much she will neglect them. What do you think?
  13. As I understand it, Rape seed, Niger seed and Tonic Seed mix ( which contains both of these seeds) are mainly for smaller birds like finches, canaries etc. Used in colder months or climates it helps to warm them slightly. I haven't noticed my budgies or Indian Ringnecks eating it as I think it's either too small for them or it just doesn't appeal to them. My finches do however eat it. I wouldn't think it would be harmful in any way.
  14. I don't have that book LittleBudgie but that would be great, thanks. Derek, I have done a Google search but the only information that comes up is about using them for food. I guess I could make my own observations and design a website for it Thanks for your help
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