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  1. I am making something rather similar soon. I plan to double wire the areas of the aviary which are open to the outside. I understand that some types of wire mesh are not safe for budgies even though they are described as 'aviary wire'. Could someone please tell me which kind of wire is safe? Thank you.
  2. These chicks are 9 weeks old. Could someone please confirm their sex? Many thanks. Chaci 2: hen? Chaci 3: hen? Chaci 4: cock? Sorry!!! I have had a brain spasm and put this in the wrong place.
  3. I would not leave it more than 24 hours, GB. Go for it after 12 hours, if you are worried. Looking forward to the photos of how you have fixed the wire for the door. It is such a good idea.
  4. Thank you. Here is another picture. The chick in the middle is Chick 2 and the one on the right is Chick 4. Is it clearer? It is just so clear that the chick on the left is a hen and it is confusing about the other two.
  5. I'd just like to check again about the gender of these two chicks, please. Chick 2 Chick 4
  6. She is very pretty indeed! Are you going to get her a friend? They are very sociable little birds.
  7. Thank you. The colours are true to life. They were taken by the window without a flash.
  8. Wishing you a very happy birthday, Kaz

  9. Here are the chicks from Cindy and Charlie's clutch. Can you tell me, please: Did I get all hens again? First chick Second chick Third chick
  10. That is a wonderful picture! Congratulations.
  11. Thank you very much, robyn.

  12. Where is the thread on how to use a sponge to splint splayed legs? I cannot find it.

    1. robyn


      you will find it pinned under health tips etc.

  13. The first of Angelica's chicks came out of the box this morning. . Its left foot is wonky. It can move the claws but they do not grip and they seem to have no tone. I can gently curl the claws around my finger but the chick does not do so itself. The right food seems to be okay. I have given it a teething ring to sit on. Is there something I can do such as massage?
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