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  1. Hi Sunshine is a light green cinnamon spangle and Violet looks like she is a yellowface opaline violet cinnamon spangle. It's a bit late so I won't go into your other questions at the moment, they are both pretty girls. Cheers Jenny
  2. Hi Jen it's hard to believe the vet didn't run some fecal smears under a microscope to check for the likes megabacteria or even worms. Try giving him some apple cider vinegar in his water, not sure of the dosage but you should be able to find out somewhere on the site. He looks quite bright in the photos so it's hard to see any problems, any staining is probably due to the poop on his perch, I would position them so he can't poop on them if you can. He looks very much like a dark eyed clear or he could be a double factor spangle recessive pied. Hope he gets better for you he is a gorgeous boy. Cheers Jenny
  3. Hi he is an opaline spangle skyblue dominant pied. The orange beak is because he is a pied. Cheers Jenny
  4. Hi it would be good if you could get photos of their backs as well so we can see if they are spangle or opalines. As for sex I would say male, hen, hen, hen. Your three hens should also be opaline as your male is opaline so all his hens have to be opaline. Are they cage or colony bred? Because if they are colony bred any of the males could be the father. The first one looks to be a spangle skyblue dominant pied, the second a green spangle dominant pied and opaline if hen, the third is a yellowface opaline skyblue dominant pied possibly spangle can't really see her wings properly and the last one is a yellowface skyblue spangle opaline. They are all very pretty. Cheers Jenny
  5. Looking good, pics are pretty clear, looks like you have a red eyed baby there. Hope things keep going well. Cheers Jenny
  6. Hi Ozzie looks like he might be a dark green greywing spangle but that is a guess and it depends on his parents, the colours will change a bit as he moults. Cheers Jenny
  7. hilly

    Hi All

    Hi Alice, welcome to the forum. A lot of your questions can be answered by researching the forum, there is a wealth of information from lots of experienced breeders. There is also a post on the necessities of medications and supplements. Some useful meds to have on hand are ivermectin or avimec for scaley face. A good broad spectrum wormer. A good broad spectrum antibiotic like doxycycline if you can get some from a vet, if not triple c is fine for mild infections. Polyaid or something similar for feeding weak birds. An electrolyte like spark for stressed birds. Some hand rearing mix in case of emergency. A spray for mites and lice. A hospital cage or something set up to keep any sick birds separate and warm. A crop needle size 14 I think. And a syringe to put your crop needle on and also to measure doses. As far as supplements go calcium is a must in as many types you can give them. It comes in liquid, powder and also as cuttlefish and hard boiled eggshell. Some use breeding aid mixed through their seed with great success. There is a lot of subjects on what to feed them on the food section. Hope this is what you were wanting. Cheers Jenny
  8. Hi, looks like it's a dark green spangle dominant pied. Cheers Jenny
  9. Hi it is a bit of a tough one the markings do look diluted but the tail feathers are dark but it may be the influence of the violet factor. You may have to see how it moults out. Cheers Jenny
  10. It all comes down to pet or wild type and show type but there are a lot of in betweens. Because the English imports were considered superior to our own show budgies a lot of people call show budgies English. Cheers Jenny
  11. Hi Phoebes all 3 of your albino babies will be girls as genetically they have to be. Ino is a sexed linked mutation so to get males mum would have to be an albino or lutino. Ghost to me also looks like a hen but it is hard to see the true colour of the cere in the photos. Cheers Jenny
  12. Most people don't recommend mirrors as the birds tend to obsess over them and they do get covered in regurgitated food LOL. Cheers Jenny
  13. Hi it actually looks bigger than what the dimensions say but it should be fine for one budgie. As for only having one they adapt quite well and soon become a treasured member of the family who will become his or hers new flock. Cheers Jenny
  14. Hi and welcome, sounds like you are off to a good start. If you are colony breeding be sure to keep an eye on the politics in your aviary in case there are some squabbles they can end quite nasty. Good luck it is such a rewarding hobby. Cheers Jenny
  15. Hi it is hard to be definite from the pictures to me you only seem to have the one male the opaline green. The last bird on the right looks to be a greygreen cinnamon recessive pied and may also be opaline. We could be more accurate with better quality photos. Cheers Jenny
  16. It would be good of you had a shed or room for it to go in. You could try to put something in or around the doors but not sure how you would go about it. Most of what you need to do can be done through your rotating feed doors there is less chance of letting your birds out of them. Cheers Jenny
  17. Very nice cage your budgies will love it. Good luck with your breeding. Cheers Jenny
  18. Hi it looks like a violet dark green, it may also be greywing you will have to wait until it is a bit older. Cheers Jenny
  19. Hi the first two both look like girls and the yellow one looks more like a boy but is a bit harder to tell. The black on the beak is normal, some babies come out with a complete black beak it disappears as they mature. Cheers Jenny
  20. Sometimes it doesn't affect the whole clutch the same your other baby may be immune. You can check him by opening his wings out and looking at the shafts, they should be white and clear and not have blood in them. Cheers Jenny
  21. Hi Budgie lover any males you bred from your lacewings will be split for lacewing and you can put them with your other lacewing hens when they are old enough. Otherwise when you look to purchase one ask the breeder whether they have any split lacewings as that would be your best pairing or to a lacewing male if you can get one. The same goes for your greywings. Cheers Jenny
  22. Hi L_J it does sound like French moult, if you could post some photos we might be able to tell with more certainty. French moult affected birds do have blood in the shafts of the feathers and sometimes the newer feathers can break and bleed. Generally the feathers grow back in about six to eight weeks if they are going to, some don't grow back at all. I would stop breeding at least from the pair they came from and give them a six month break so as they can develop an immunity to the virus. Cheers Jenny
  23. Hi Rochelle you are doing a great job, just a word of caution, so as not to overstretch their crops try and restrict their food to approximately 10% of their body weight. You may already be aware of this but it doesn't hurt to double check. Cheers Jenny
  24. YF1 or 2 Spangle violet and very pretty. Cheers Jenny
  25. hilly

    L__J - 2013

    Skyblue spangle dominant pieds.
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