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  1. sorry guys yes my budgie had scaly face and thats why i used olive oil on the second day i was applying it i think i put a bit to much on and it dribbled down the side and i figured it couldnt hurt the budgie a couple of days later i noticed that there were some feathers missing to the left of the cere and i figured that it was the mites progressing and i put some olive oil on it and he seems top of lost more feathers so before i put more on him to cure something he doesnt have i was wondering if it caused feather loss
  2. does anyone know if olive oil makes a budgie lose his feathers were the olive oil was applied?
  3. no i dont have a light thats strong enough to shine through them four of the five down the bottom are a browny coulor and one of them is white im starting to think that i just have 2 premature ones as 2 days after the last on hatched there havent been any more hatchings
  4. heres what happened i have two breeding pairs at the moment that have laid their eggs and have been sitting on them like good little mums sorry dont have time to put pics in i have a sky blue cock mating with a grey green hen, and a green cock mating with a grey green hen the blue cocks mate has laid 7 eggs and the green ones only 5( they were lain on the same days as each other) i was going to foster eggs from the blues nest to the greens nest as all the top ones are fertile and only one of the bottom eggs are fertile ( foster in 3 eggs) so they both have four in the blue ones nest the first two have hatched already after only 18days(for the first one) and 17 days(for the second) while there has been no action in the greens nest now i have a couple of questions: has the blue ones mate done something differently? and if so what? if i foster eggs into the greens nest and she hasnt "made" them hatch early will she kill them? has anybody else ever heard of something like this? p.s i touched my first baby budgie today
  5. can i get it at any good pet store? and is the green one the only one with scaly face?
  6. i have 2 breeding pair of budgies i tryed to get them to lay on the same day and surprise it worked they laid an egg on the same day as each other. one set of my eggs are round and one set are sort of pointed ( two in each cluch so far) ill post pictures tomorrow
  7. i tryed to treat the scaly face on the green one because i couldnt see it on any of the others i tryed treating it with olive oil as someone told me to treat it with oil but wouldnt say which type and i didnt get any better im still trying to treat it but it doesnt seem to be getting any better. am i using the right oil? do any of the others have scaly face? should i try and us the ienterivan or what ever its called?
  8. hmm... okay well i dont know if it will help but i have breed them before and i was just wondering what types they should come out with. last time i ended up having 4 cobalts and 3 yf2's
  9. what would i get if i cross a sky blue cock with a grey green hen?
  10. she will be able to cope my hen laid 8 eggs and at one stage it looked like they all would hatch but luckily i could foster a cuple of eggs to another hen i had that was sitting at the same time ( mum raised 6 of them) do you have another hen thats laid eggs around the same time?
  11. 1-2 weeks since they've fledged i conoly breed because i hadnt heard of cabinet breeding before althought i think i will next year because everyone on here says its better
  12. yea i have 4 adult budgies, 2 adult tiels and 4 adult quails that i keep all the babys im goin to sell
  13. i have been reading that parents can go for a second time while still feeding babies? is this alright to do because i dont want to kill my adult budgies? it has been 1-2 week since the last baby came out and the parents look ready again ( same condition they were in when they had their first round) and theres a budgie egg on the ground that i took out p.s i took out the budgie boxes because i thought they werent supposed to go again straight away and a couple days later i put a tiels breeding box in and the budgies claimed it so i took it out again ( 2-3 days ago)
  14. i didnt end up takeing him to a vet because me and my mate ( he knows heaps about birds) caught him in a net and brought him inside to have a look at him and we couldnt find any blood or scap or hole were it was/ had been peirced to i mleft him while i went to school and when i came home it looked like he had been fed ill check again tomorow morning to see if he can still get food and water
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