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  1. Boo looks special... to an untrained eye that is true... but can't wait for his offspring
  2. Don't beat yourself up luv...
  3. First one looks very young don't you think?
  4. Easy Anne101 darling, stay cool and view the whole pool...
  5. Sure you can find some dirt darl... we live in a big land ... take a breake and explore some of it. A loss is always a confrontation.
  6. Lamb is good... What do you people do ...roast moose, Ha Ha... {what does it taste like?]
  7. Hi G.B love you're work... Keep it up...you are the Queen...
  8. Lots of energy there. Good work.
  9. There wouldn't be much loving in the nest THAT night...
  10. Well done and good luck on the 4th August. You look a tough lot!
  11. I'm going to have a crack at making them. Does anyone add a little honey. They get it in the wild from various flowers I think. Is there any reason not to add honey?
  12. Recipe is there ready to go Richo. put your apron on and get cooking PS reason they use glue in the ones they sell is, holds up better in transit and shelf life in pet stores and supermarkets. No thought given to long term effects of glue in budgies internal organs. Making your own will be cheaper. Apron??? Cooking???
  13. Could you send me one please? Love to see how they go
  14. Are they what we call over here mulga parrots?
  15. Whats wrong this these exactly? Says its just seed and honey on the wrapper, but ... there's something we don't know..?
  16. "Eagle" is on his second honey stick. The first one lasted five months but this new one looks like lasting a fraction of that time. He loves it! "Avione Pet Products" is the manufacturer and it cost me $3.50. Cheers.
  17. Richo

    More Pics

    But just in case... Eagle says he has made plans that night...
  18. Your arm's and legs are worth more than that
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