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    More Babies

    I love the first photo. And the other two... You are a very lucky girl
  2. Today in the local rag we have had some amazing photos of bush budgies in the BILLIONS around the diamantina river down Qld. way. [the sunday mail]. Please post some photos if you have some. Even from the media... they are amazing... we should organize a field tripp...
  3. Beautiful old boy, how old was he?
  4. I wasn't thinking of it, she wants him, but it is not reciprocal. Remove them.
  5. If you can help it, don't let her give him a hard time... It's not as if he can get away...
  6. Now, my achilles heel, sob, the gravy, sob...
  7. I do a wild stuffing, secret ingredients [as well as the norm] being handfuls of sultanas and cashews, the mix moistened with cream. May take time for me to get used to budgies being meat eaters. That was a surprise. If I start scrubbing now, should have the place ready for mixed company by easter. THEN WE CAN HAVE A TURKEY...YUM.
  8. Thanks for the tip G.B. Will try roasting some soon.
  9. Hi all, It's always nice to discover something new to add to the feathered one's diet. Tonight I gave "Eagle" cucumber and to my delight, he took to it straight away. Loves it! I hope cucumber has no hidden nasties I need to know about?
  10. Just out of interest, what is the maximum babies one might expect?..
  11. Those eggs look beautiful Kaz, I reckon you will get a wicked clutch. Go girl Go...
  12. Can't say for sure, but reasonable that you would make the association between cartoons and fairy tales as a little tacka... i think...
  13. Really really sorry to hear that...
  14. You are probably thinking of a cartoon series called Bullwinkle J Moose about a friendly moose and his escapades. It was a cracking show, I loved it!
  15. The violet looks amazing, good luck with that line in particular and everything in general. Thanks for sharing
  16. No darling, keep singing to her, they love it... try to pull her through...keep her warm...love and prayers...
  17. Good to hear about your old "wow" boy, 2nd shot, he knows how to treat a lady, good work!
  18. Interesting the way they bred... thanks for sharing
  19. Hi Jodie, I'm sure you can leave detailed dot points with the fam., regards what needs are to be met each day concerning the health of your budgies, but why go to japan when you can come here, pitch a tent out back, and have budgies land on your tent waiting for you to wake up in the morning so they can say hello... get with the program girl...[it's all here]
  20. The last picture is adorable. I read a beautiful short story of a boy who fed then befriended a massive one and got him over a heavy winter.
  21. I'm not sure about glass facing the sun in our summers... are they shaded?
  22. Please track the little one's progress and keep us informed. Photo of the egg? Be careful...
  23. Hot Chicks Anne101, keep the baby photo's coming too!
  24. The petshop where I got "Eagle" has changed hands twice since. The current owners specialize in birds, in the past supplying them to petshops. They happily trade with other breeders and this keeps their stock fresh. The establishment was rundown [perhaps a good thing, allows new direction] when the new owners took over three or four months ago, but friends they have become and recently told me the business has now more than quadrupled it's turnover. Being a wholesaler of birds seems to have been a huge bonus for them. Start buying some breeding pairs and get the show rolling??? Good luck.
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