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  1. I think I understand, like havihg a flower in a vase... some people should not have pets
  2. Thank you from all bird lovers A.V., love your work
  3. Why don't you let them pair up? I read in a recent scientific jornal that opposites as in colour do not attract. Better reproduction rates are likely if they dig each other... fair dinkum...
  4. But they are very, very lucky Krosp...let me thank you on their behalf, you set a wonderful example
  5. looks like its you and me kiddo :celebrate: sounds like lots a fun mabe you could bring that turkey we could do roast spuds in garlic and rosemary sauce in a ash fire pit you comming anne ??? anyone ?? really all jokes aside it does sound lovely would it be hard to get their ? You sound like an amazing cook G.B. and I am pretty handy with the tea towel. These flocks can fly 100km at a time so we will probably need a vehicle to track 'em down. I honestly don't think the heat will bother us as our bird watching will be around dawn and dusk. If we left from your's I guess we are talking two to three days driving each way and say four days there? Ten days all up. I take it from the swilling yellow faces the esky will be in our car...
  6. Geez Richo, I hope you don't mean me! I can only dream of breeding birds like that at the moment. You mean Daz? Oops... didn't mean to startle you, but I do love your birds and I hope you keep sharing those beautiful shots of them with us. Cheers
  7. Renee, I reckon Daryl's birds look like that. Anyone agree?
  8. The seeds when crunched into by mistake remind me of apple seeds...
  9. Lovely post Ms Blue, most touching and heartfelt...
  10. Don't those zapper things attract that stuff? Not that I am siding with the judge... luv ya Nubbs
  11. My plan if I ever get the chance, is to buy some older pairs that have served well and getting ready for retirement, half a dozen to start with? My only expectation?, keeping beautiful birds in the backyard. Oh, and i would love to win...
  12. Is it possible to identify a baby budgie with an aptitude for mimicking? [talking]. If so how so... i
  13. It's nice to have a good friend
  14. The ceiling fan is on so "Eagle" is cage bound, and he doesn't dig it...He *%#$@* hates it
  15. If budgies benefit from ingesting it, do people ever take it as a tea or otherwise? I love natural solutions whenever possible.
  16. Expectation is the bane of achievement, satisfaction is the knowledge of doing ones best.
  17. Excellent photo, wonderful story, GENERIC BLUE ROCKS HARRD... well done
  18. Sorry to hear that luv, you are having a tough run...keep your chin up.
  19. There is an old abandoned police station 20 kilometers out of Boulia, next to a water hole which is a special spot renowned for bird watching, picnics, bbq's etc. Crikey, they even found a night parrot out that way in the nineties after thinking they were extinct for fifty odd years. Cracking spot for a field trip.
  20. Cheers Anne101, the action is apparently due far west of you in Boulia...never heard of it but looking forward to getting there
  21. Good work birdluv, exactly what I'm talking about.
  22. I bet Kaz is checking her frequent flier points...
  23. Thanks for trying, I really, really want to get up there to check it out...maybe see ya up there? Be great to have a feild trip... Liv is keen, I think we should work on her ha, ha. She could breath life into it
  24. I'm hearing you Liv, I am as keen as, and if someone has a 4wheel drive Lets go... need a swag and a couple of counter meals plus petrol money, couple hundred maybe all up??? wouldn't surprise me if some crew from interstate meet at your's and LET'S GO!!!
  25. Thanks for the link Catherine, good picture of wild budgies but I speak of the situation now where the locals have never seen numbers like it, they are literally darkening the sky. The sight and the sound must be thrilling, for a budgie lover.
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