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  1. thanks finnie was just about to post that. Sherlock is this helping at all?
  2. goldenface - yes (would say single) opaline - yes. other genes - no she appears more mauve to me in the pictures than violet,
  3. actually what you have listed in the last clutch are all blue based birds as well. Your 'yellow and green pied' might be in fact a goldenface. or else he is not the father as you believe.
  4. it looks similar to the lumps that appeared with my hens that were laying/just finished laying. I don't think you have been told two different things just different ways of stating the issue. A fatty deposit caused by laying eggs and brooding (not moving as much) If you think a bit of weight needs to be shifted off the bird look into giving finch food over budgie mix however only you know your birds and if she is a normal weight then don't worry with a change of seeds. As always keep an eye on her and if she is having trouble moving or standing take her back to the vet.
  5. agree there is a dark factor in one of the parents, even the yellowface in the nest box picture looks cobalt not skyblue. As Hilly said the chick in question is a double factor spangle with suffusion. This will darken as the chick grows,
  6. No paired to a normal male you will only get split male offspring. To get a male albino offspring you need an Ino male or split ino male.
  7. they look so simliar! get looking birds too.
  8. true with the photos changing the colours slightly. The grey wing will be washing the colour out a bit
  9. yeah I think bub chewed it exploring and following dad. Glad it is okay. Are the pictures above of the same bird?? If so it gos to show how photos can change the cere colours as I would say hen for the first and cock for the second.
  10. I wouldn't say double factor. the depth could be due to a dark factor or it is a hidden gene from the father. I would like bigger shots of the parents as golden face is dominant over yellow face
  11. looks normal to me too, they take a while to get full strength however your birds legs are not flat to the side as a splayed bird would have. I hope they were not sat out like that for long.. if you are weighing them maybe keep in a small bowl with washer or tissues to keep temps up.
  12. pictures aren't helping as the bird is fuzzy. However it is normal for a hen losing breeding condition to shed her cere and it can fall off in patches. The cere underneath can be a pale blue to white colour. Some hens can have a lot of build up on there ceres others a thin layer. Please provide clear pictures.
  13. her yellow will darken with a moult and her violet will turn more green as she ages as the yellow bleeds into the body area. Her throat spots should stay brown which would mean cinnamon as well.
  14. she is a wonderful bird. Golden face opaline spangle dominant pied violet and I think cinnamon as well (throat spots look brown to me)
  15. disagree Finnie - this bird is about 4 weeks old if yellow face the body would still be blue at this age. Not knowing the parents I would say green series.
  16. yes if any eggs appear remove or addle them to stop babies from growing. Removing them is 100% sure not to get any. but she might not lay either.
  17. looking at chick one He appears to be a godenface. Mum could be a GF rather than a YF or Dad could be split that gene. The last chick she looks normal green or dark green.
  18. need bigger pictures. all i can see from that is yellowface dominant pied. not sure how Hilly can state greywing...maybe i need my eyes checked.
  19. big hugs, hard to lose any bird but your first feathered friend is always extra special.
  20. Not albino - if she has red eyes I would say Opaline Fallow. If eyes are black maybe Opaline Dilute
  21. With the scaly mite treatment that is normally done as a spot on the back of neck.
  22. agree looks like French Moult. Doesn't stop him from being a great pet. Right now with out the flight feathers he is more dependant on you for moving around. Be sure to check he can get to his seed and water okay. if not a sallow dish on the floor might help him.
  23. agree treat the flock for Scalyface mites. Top picture: Cobalt Opaline male. Does the hen have red eyes? Bottom picture: Cobalt Dominant Pied Male. He might be opaline as well but I can't see enough of his back. Cobalt Spangle hen.
  24. does she look like she had the strength for another round alone? plus what if she attacked the next lot of chicks? I've had one hen raise chicks alone and made sure she had extra soft foods and millet in the box to nibble on as they don't like to move out of the box for long. These eggs have very chance of being fertile, as one mating can fertilise a whole clutch.
  25. *Nerwen*

    New Avairy

    DEC - Dark Eye Clears REC - Recessive pied I'm jealous of this aviary set up too - which I could get something like this. I do have a garden shed hardly used but when mentioned using it for budgies Hubby wasn't impressed lol. As it is it only stores my cages and an unused mower.
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