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    Parrots, people, history, photographing, writing, partying and so on. I'm a part of the crew in www.undulatportalen.se, witch is one of Sweden's bigger sites about budgies.
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  1. That is a shame. Some budgies are not as playful. Mine does not care either to play with her toys If your budgies don't really get the thing with toys, I strongly recommend you to go back to (their) basics! What do budgies do in the wild? Well, they chew, fly, climb and hang out with each other, but most of all - they search for food. Try to make some easy food-toys for your birds, food can be very motivating! There are special food-serching-toys (I really can't figure out what the English words for those might be...sorry), but it's pretty easy to make fun things at home. Here are some examples that comes to my mind: a toilet roll filled with grass and millet, they have to rip the grass out to get the delicious seeds they crave. a piece of tree with drilled holes in it, then you put seeds in the holes and watch the birds as they try to reach them and get them out of there make a tiny bag of paper with something good in it, they have to rip the bag to pieces to make the food fall out a box with grass (or something like that) in it, then add seeds and watch them search around for the food It might take a while for them to get the point, but when they do, they'll love it! Budgies are very smart and energetic, and they are made for searching for food. So this is a great way to keep both their bodies and their minds busy. Here are some photos of what kind of food-toys my birds like:
  2. I've grown millet a few summers ago. It was very interesting even for me who honestly isn't into gardening at all, and it wasn't that hard! I admit that I put them in the ground a bit too late on the year, and it didn't really get better from the fact that I'm born an raised in Finland. I can tell you that it isn't the warmest country on earth, especially not if you are a millet plant... I strongly recommend you to try it out! I just put my seeds in the ground and watched them grow. They didn't get as big ad the ones in the stores since we have like three warm months here... but my birds totally loved them anyway! And also they are way healthier when they are green and fresh than after getting dried. My Fjådor wanted them aaaaaall for himself. as you can see, my millet didn't get big at all... But they say size don't matter
  3. That's just disgusting! How terrible, I feel so sorry for him and his budgies sake
  4. They are so cute! Great photos too
  5. It's been a while since I last posted, so I've got a bunch of photos by now. I don't remember if I've told you this before but in January a new little bird will move in her. She is a second hand parrot who was born at my friend (the breeder) in September 2008, then she moved away to a woman who can't have budgies any more. So yes, I'll go and get her in January. Her name is Rosie af VildaParadis and this is how she looked as a baby, adorable! (Photo taken by the breeder) And my birds at home are just fine, crazier than ever I would say. They all love this toy, here's Petronella using it as a swing. Winchester's moultings are as beautiful as always Fjådor is feeling a little jelaous. Petronella and Winchesters don't care. Friday night, Winchester is trying to get drunk on coke And Petronella my little beauty queen Fjådor would like to show you a new "ugly-face-look" he has learned Here are another one, I'm not very impressed... Everyone likes a good book, except from Winchester who is trying to destroy them. The Christmas-toys are here now, Fjådor loves everything Petronella shows her not that fluttering side, the egg-shaped one. Winchester is trying to look huge And Petronella is just cute
  6. They are adorable! Thanks for sharing
  7. Petronella and Winchester wants babies, and I won't let them. Hehehehe. So now I'm tierd of their humping and they're mad at me for stopping their baby-dream. bah! But Fjådor is a well behaved parrot. (sometimes). Not very often but i happens. wroooom Petronella and her favourite-food. More humping, gah. Petronella Winchester and his favourite-food. (yeah it is the same) Fjådor thinks that he is a super-hero.
  8. Oh nooo, how awkward! Poor poor thing
  9. Your photos are beautiful! And the clearbody is very handsome
  10. Wow, they have a lot of beautiful colours!
  11. Welcome! Your birds have beautiful colours!
  12. Thanks! Those photos are taken with the standard lens, 18-55
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