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  1. The photos are a little small but I think your budgie is a he because boys can be pink and are blue as well.
  2. Hi i think this budgie is a boy.How old is he?Budgies have two be at least a year and a half old for you to tell if their a girl or a boy.
  3. Hi I think tis budgie is a boy because the cere is more blue then brown.
  4. Hi I think those two budgies are boys I have a lutino budgie with red eyes and he has the exactly the same coloured beak and is a male and I know that because he is breeding.
  5. Your hen is fine its just a one off thing!
  6. The egg hatched just yesterday!Why? About how long?And thanks for your help Thanks for your help libby! Thanks for your help Liv I feel very releived
  7. There is nothing wrong with your budgies. Sometimes hens just lay dud eggs that only have yolks in it.
  8. Maybe you should split them up!
  9. One of my budgies eggs just hatched and im not sure if the mother is feeding it or not? Because she is acting like it is just one of her other eggs.How can I tell wether or not she is feeding it?And how can I feed the babies if she isnt feeding them?
  10. I think this budgie is a boy because I have one he is an lutino (red eyes) .He has the same colour on his beek as your budgie however girls can be pink to.
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