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    I just finished my Degree in Animal and Veterinary Biosciences.<br />I love many many animals, horses and budgies in particular. <br />I love to learn continually.<br />I love my work (at a pet and produce store).<br />I love life and friends. Family is my main.
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  1. Thanks for the reply so far guys! Its a friends bird so I will get her to try some better pics!
  2. What do you think is the sex of this bird. I say hen but would love a second opinon. Pet store said cock and 9 weeks old? I was thinking a bit older? Also whats the go with no tail feathers?
  3. I think you will find its not necessarily done to get a sale. Its just because they have no idea- and presume you have no idea as well. Bad customer service! If you dont know the answer get a manager... To bad if your it!
  4. I think batman may have scaley face?
  5. jwancia


    No. No vet. I work. I have them on doxy at the moment. So cross fingers.
  6. jwancia


    Okays they got ivermectin today and I just put sulfur meds in the water of the both of the sick birds. Please pray they recover well. Ill be taking poo samples to colin on friday morning again to check for mega etc. Fingers crossed. Oh and probiotics. lol
  7. jwancia


    Umm dunno really. when they are dry they are dark. But normal I guess. Will the light keep him up?ARg i gotta go to bed.Also its warm outside, should I just put him out there tonight?
  8. jwancia


    You think that will help?
  9. jwancia


    Seed and sprouts at the momentIve just trimmed all his bum feathers too
  10. jwancia


    He's not that young. Already starting to get an iris. (actually its a she lol). weight isnt bad, bum was clean this morning. Checked it again just now and it had abit of poo stuck to it. COuld it be worms? Cause I treated them with ivermectin this arvo.He isnt quite as agile (a little clumsy climbing up the cage well) as the other bird (which is much older).
  11. jwancia


    It came into work today. He looks like he is trying to sleep like that??!The other bird that came with it looks fine.
  12. jwancia


    I have moved all the birds inside now where it is cool (I have a GREAT aviary!!! ) so it shouldnt be the heat. Its happened now that is inside.
  13. jwancia


    Is it normal for budgie to sit/sleep like this - hunched and fluffed kinda, but still on one leg? Im really not having any luck with my birds. Im really thinking about throwing in the towel
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